Week 11 – Avoid Keto Obsession

Week 11 – Avoid Keto Obsession

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Video 11 Transcript:

Is keto taking over your life? Watch this video to learn how to avoid keto diet obsession so you can live an easy and freeing keto lifestyle!

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If you find yourself obsessing over what you can and can’t eat on keto and now your once peaceful days are filled with stress because you spend your entire day calculating macros, while figuring out new ways to dodge hidden carbs to avoid getting kicked out of ketosis, I want to help you find success without obsession. Watch this video until the end to learn 3 strategies that will help end dieting obsession for good!

Strategy #1 – Don’t go all in

When you first researched keto, I’ll bet you found experts who told you to dive right into strict keto for best results. With this approach, you’re forcing your body to immediately switch from a fuel source you’ve run off of your entire life, glucose, to running off of a fuel source you likely haven’t utilized since you were a baby – ketones. 

If your body isn’t ready for this adjustment, it’s going to freak out! This means you’ll spend too much time obsessing over foods you can’t eat. Your body remembers that quick carb fix, which is why you’re obsessing over 1 small bite of your favorite donut. Eventually these cravings can become so strong that you end up throwing away all of your hard work, instead of throwing away the bun from your burger. This is an exhausting and vicious cycle.

In the Keto Decoded course, we teach our students who are stuck in this cycle to allow their bodies an easier transition by removing carbs at a slower pace. This same strategy could work for you! Weight loss isn’t a race. If you’re in a big hurry to drop all of your weight by tomorrow, chances are you won’t stick with keto long enough to see results. That’s precisely the reason we started the Keto Decoded Membership in the first place. This is a journey where you need to allow yourself adequate time for sustainable weight loss. You need knowledge, patience and support. You come with patience, and we provide the knowledge and support to make this lifestyle easy so the results you receive will be permanent.

Strategy #2 – Eat Real Food

When many people transition from the Standard American Diet to keto, they take all of the processed & packaged convenience foods right along with them on their journey. Many of them falsely believe just because a package touts “low carb or keto” friendly, that these foods are effective for their keto plan and they’re helpful for quick & easy weight loss.

The truth is, many of these foods are processed in a lab and made up of chemicals, artificial sweeteners and fake fibers that your body doesn’t know what to do with. Your body was designed to eat real food. Most foods that are labeled “keto friendly,” yet are made up of ingredients you can’t pronounce won’t lead to long term success. 

When the majority of your diet is made up of these low carb convenience foods, your body isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs to thrive. This means your body will keep crying out for more food until it gets nutrients it recognizes and needs. You will end up hungry and obsessing over what to eat next if you base your diet off of these keto convenience foods. 

When you switched to keto, did you switch over to eating more real foods as well? Let me know in the comments.

While I’m waiting for your response, let’s talk about:

Strategy #3 – Quit Jumping from Diet to Diet

Perhaps you’ve been keto for a few weeks now, but you haven’t experienced the quick weight loss so many others brag about. You may have even had success at the beginning, but now your results have slowed down. As you learned previously, there’s nothing magical about keto. Just because you remove carbs, you aren’t guaranteed to lose 5 lbs each and every week.

True fat loss doesn’t work that way. It’s true some people experience quick weight loss at the beginning, but this is typically due to losing water weight. True fat loss, which is what we want, takes time and patience. 

Marketing for the latest pill or potion guaranteed to work will always exist on social media and in the mainstream. Quit falling for flashy plans that guarantee success, but only leave you frustrated and worse off than when you started. 

You chose to follow keto for a reason. When weight loss tends to slow down, that doesn’t mean you should abandon ship. Stick it out and make some tweaks if you find yourself in a stall. If you’re really stuck, take time to get the education you need to ramp up your results and find permanent success.

Jumping from flashy plan to flashy plan is a quick way to find a permanent seat on the never ending yo-yo diet rollercoaster. Take it from someone who spent more than 20 years on that ride. 

On this week’s Chat the Fat, I go really deep into all of the lessons I learned over my 20 year yo-yo diet history – the good, the bad and the ugly! I experienced a whole lotta diet ugly before I found this easy lifestyle. You can find it on your favorite podcasting app or at chatthefat.com. 

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I’ll see you next Wednesday where I’m going to talk about some of my best intermittent fasting tips. If you don’t understand all of the benefits of adding an easy fasting routine to your plan can have, you need to tune in next week!

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