Week 21- The Truth About Dairy on Keto

Video 21 Transcript:

Is Cheese Stalling Your Keto Diet?

While cheese may seem like the perfect keto food due to its low carb, moderate protein and high fat content, including cheese in your keto diet could be keeping you stuck! In fact, if you aren’t seeing the progress you want on keto, blame cheese!

OK, so there could be a plethora of reasons you might not be getting the results you want on keto, but in today’s video I’m only going to talk about how dairy products, like cheese, could stall your results – you know, because that’s kind of the topic today. (insert awkward pause here)

Ok…now that we got that awkward pause out of the way, be sure to come back every Wednesday for a brand new video so you can learn everything I learned about losing more than 100 pounds! 

Now let’s get back to today’s topic…how dairy could be holding back your results…and not the other plethora of things that could also be to blame…because none of that is today’s video topic. (insert awkward pause again).

Reason #1 Dairy could stall your progress: You could be sensitive to the lactose in dairy products. 

Lactose is a form of sugar present in milk and milk products. Woah – we’re following keto! And rule #1 of keto club is you don’t talk about keto club! 

Thanks Brad Pitt, but no it’s not. 

Rule #1 of keto club is avoid excess carbs, especially sugar carbs. If you’re overdoing some dairy products that contain high amounts of lactose, you could be getting too many sugar carbs in your keto plan, which could stall your results or even cause weight gain due to rule #1 of keto club – avoiding excess carbs.

Some dairy products that are higher in lactose include: milk, especially when it’s lower in fat, yogurt and ice cream. If you’re a person who’s sensitive to the lactose in dairy, constipation could result. Difficulty losing weight due to continuing to eat a food that’s not right for you could be another result. 

Thankfully most cheese is lower in lactose, especially natural aged cheeses like cheddar, parmesan and swiss. If you’re unsure if a cheese you love is low in lactose, check the label. If the label shows sugar in your chosen cheese, let that cheese stand alone if you’re sensitive to lactose.

Reason #2 Dairy could stall your progress: You could be sensitive to the proteins in dairy products. 

There are several different types of proteins found in dairy products, such as whey or casein. Many people have a food sensitivity to these products, but since they don’t automatically go into anaphylactic shock after consuming them, they never blame cheese for their issues. 

If you’re having an immune response to a food you continue to eat daily, this is going to cause inflammation in your body. Keto is so magical because it helps bring inflammation down. Hopefully you can figure out how eating a food that’s inflammatory for you on keto might work against you. 

I personally developed a sensitivity to the proteins in dairy and I never blamed the cheese BECAUSE I LOVED IT! But also because I didn’t go into anaphylactic shock…so how else was I to know that cheese and I aren’t meant to be?

Turns out, every time I ate cheese, or other dairy products that contain protein, my body attempted to fight off the evil cheese invader. In turn, my nose got stuffy or began running like a faucet. If I kept eating dairy, my runny nose quickly turned into a sore throat. When I’d eat ice cream to soothe my sore throat, I’d get even sicker because dairy was the entire reason my body was causing this immune response in the first place. Only I had no idea because I didn’t go into anaphylactic shock after eating dairy. 

Thankfully I figured out that cheese and I just don’t see eye to eye. I’ve had to severely reduce my intake of dairy on keto. In turn, I’ve seen much bigger keto results and I no longer get endless sore throats, nor do I go through an entire box of tissues in one day. 

Reason #3 Dairy could stall your progress: You could be sensitive to the proteins in dairy products. 

Wait, wasn’t that reason #2? Ah, I see you’re paying attention. But, I have different stuff to say here.

While it’s true some people can eat all the protein on keto and never have a second thought, too much protein on keto can stall other keto dieters completely. This is because while we all need adequate protein to function and feel good, when some people take in excess protein it can be converted to sugar in the body through a process called gluconeogenisis. Making sugar from protein…our bodies truly are magical.

And while gluconeogenisis is a life-saver for some, literally, because our brains require some carbs to function, too much protein turned into sugar can halt keto results for others. Those who are very insulin resistant and who don’t see results with too many carbs on keto should also keep their protein moderate. 

If you haven’t checked a cheese label lately, you should. Many cheeses have 7 grams of protein or more per 1 ounce serving. If you’re loading up on cheese because it’s low in carbs, all of that protein could add up and you could be overdoing protein. 

While too much protein isn’t a concern for many keto dieters, if you’re in a weight loss stall and you’re overdoing the cheese, this might be something you want to moderate better to determine if it is an issue FOR YOU! Remember, we’re all different and we all need different keto approaches to figure out our ultimate path to keto success!

To recap, during this video you learned 3 reasons dairy could stall results on keto:

#1 – you could be sensitive to lactose in dairy

#2 – you could be sensitive to protein in dairy

#3 – you could be sensitive to too much protein in dairy

If you’re all riled up because I’m trying to take away your precious melty cheese, tune into this week’s Chat the Fat where I go even deeper into how dairy can affect your keto diet. There are both pluses and minuses to keeping dairy in your keto plan, so be sure to tune in…even if you don’t want to know the truth. 

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I’ll see you next Wednesday to talk even more about food sensitivities and how they could be wreaking havoc on all of your good keto intentions. 


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