I followed mainstream diet advice for more than twenty five years. I was constantly sick, tired and miserable for the majority of those two plus decades. Sometimes I lost weight, but it was always a difficult process and the weight was routinely gained back within a year, plus more. The chronic illness always remained a constant.

After hitting an all time high weight of 245 pounds after the birth of my first child, I felt completely helpless. All of my previous methods of weight loss were absolutely useless. I was fat, sick, and miserable while still wearing maternity clothes many months after the birth of my first son.

I came across a book and weight loss course that changed my life. I learned how to use natural supplements and nutrition to not only take off the weight, but also improve all of the health issues that had been plaguing me longer than I can remember. I set out with intentions of dropping weight that was not budging via any other method, while unintentionally correcting many health problems that afflicted me for decades. These include chronic heartburn, cystic acne, frequent migraines and headaches, frequent sinus infections, constant drippy nose, itchy skin, insomnia, nausea, frequent anxiety, constipation, occasional depression, hypoglycemia, diabetic level blood sugars and constant junk food cravings, just to name a few.

Three years later I am thriving. Keeping the weight off has been a piece of cake. Oh, and I no longer want to eat cake. My weight is now at it’s lowest point and easily maintained. Now that my digestion is healed and I know the foods that keep me satisfied, living life no longer feels like work. For the first time in my life the constant food noise is gone and I am left with food freedom.

While I have always been passionate about health, I finally know what true health feels like. My passion is to help others achieve their optimal health as well through my blogs, videos, recipes, natural supplements and personal health coaching.

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