Bonus Meal Plan

Bonus Meal Plan

That’s right – you get a BONUS meal plan with the Keto Challenge!

If you’re the type of person that likes everything spelled out for you, including exactly what to eat each day, grocery lists & how the macros are broken down, YOU can use this BONUS Meal Plan!

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Keto Meal Plan

Keto Recipe Manual

Keto Week 1 – Grocery List

Keto Week 2 – Grocery List

Keto Week 3 – Grocery List

Keto Macro Breakdown


Macro Guide Tips & Notes 

Macros at 60/25/15 is an entry level set of macros. If you are new to Keto or starting over with keto, follow meal plans and macros as laid out in the guides. You can tweak macros for better results as you go. 

If you are more experienced, feel free to raise fat to 70-80%, protein to 10-15% and carbs to 5%. At the more advanced level, total carbs should stay between 20-50, depending on activity level, protein would fall between 60-80 and you would eat fat to satiation. 

Recipe Manual Notes 

The bone broths call for exotic animal parts. I personally make mine with very simple ingredients, but feel free to add everything you see listed or just the basic bones. 

The fat bombs list stevia as an ingredient. If you are used to very sweet foods, you may need to add this. My suggestion is to wean off most sugar substitutes as you feel ready.