My Dear Stevia Letter

I have something to tell you and I am warning you that you are not going to like it. This is something I learned last summer and probably read about long before that, but I stuck my fingers in my ears while screaming “la, la, la – 1-2-3, not it!” Ok, so I did not literally scream out loud. My four year old who jumps, kicks and shrieks for a living would have looked at me like I was nuts, but you get the idea. I read it, I checked my results in the mirror and I smugly said to myself, nope, nope, nope. Continue reading “My Dear Stevia Letter”

From Health Disaster to Health Pro

Living My Passion By Helping Others:

If you have read any of my previous blogs or watched any of my videos, hopefully you have witnessed my passion for helping others improve chronic health conditions, while leaving behind diet mentality and taking excess weight off for good. I have always been passionate about health and weight loss because I have always struggled with health and weight loss….ever since I was a little girl. Except I was never really that little.

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Quit Explaining Science To Me!

I almost began this blog with an expletive. I decided I am not that type of girl. Typically I am calm, relaxed, poised, positive – I am really a go with the flow kind of girl. Always have been, always will be. At least until some complete stranger tells me I am wrong about how I got my results because of, you know, science. This makes me angry. This makes me want to scream, “Shut the $*@& up about science already!” But I don’t, because I am a lady. Just know my thoughts are not very ladylike when you preach about science.

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About That Noxema Girl…

Let’s Talk Girl Talk

Let me bring you back to 1990 for a minute. Aqua-netted hair as high as the heavens was all the rage, Madonna was busy teaching the world to vogue and I discovered the game Girl Talk – A Game of Truth or Dare. My ten year old self felt so cool playing such a grown up game with all of my ten year old girlfriends. I seriously lived for sleepovers where we got to bust this game open and act like the teenage girls we voraciously studied in the Sweet Valley High book series.

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