About That Noxema Girl…

Let’s Talk Girl Talk

Let me bring you back to 1990 for a minute. Aqua-netted hair as high as the heavens was all the rage, Madonna was busy teaching the world to vogue and I discovered the game Girl Talk – A Game of Truth or Dare. My ten year old self felt so cool playing such a grown up game with all of my ten year old girlfriends. I seriously lived for sleepovers where we got to bust this game open and act like the teenage girls we voraciously studied in the Sweet Valley High book series.

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Gestational Diabetes Sucks

The worst day of my first pregnancy was by far the day I had to submit to the three hour gestational diabetes test. Don’t get me wrong, the one hour test – drinking that way too sugary drink and getting blood drawn – was not a party by any means, but the three hour test was awful. Making a hungry, pregnant lady fast for 12 plus hours, making her drink a disgusting, sugary glucose drink that hopefully no one ever drinks for breakfast, and then drawing blood four times over the next three hours while not being able to consume any food or beverages SUCKS! And that does not even add in the unbearable heartburn caused by the sugary drink. And, and the shaky, ravenous hunger felt throughout the fasting period. How is this test even legal to perform on a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy?

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