Let’s Get This Keto Party Started

Keto. Like it or not, keto is a four letter word. See k-e-t-o. Now that we had our morning math, we can move along. Like most four letter words, you can use the term keto when you are ecstatic as f#+& or when you are as angry as $&!+. Some people absolutely love keto and all of the awesome health benefits it provides. Others speak of it as yet another demon fad diet that is sure to end this new civilization that is drowning itself in coconut oil. Those people, I can assure you, either want to keep you sick in order to keep their pockets full, or they tried keto and did it wrong.

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Gestational Diabetes Sucks

The worst day of my first pregnancy was by far the day I had to submit to the three hour gestational diabetes test. Don’t get me wrong, the one hour test – drinking that way too sugary drink and getting blood drawn – was not a party by any means, but the three hour test was awful. Making a hungry, pregnant lady fast for 12 plus hours, making her drink a disgusting, sugary glucose drink that hopefully no one ever drinks for breakfast, and then drawing blood four times over the next three hours while not being able to consume any food or beverages SUCKS! And that does not even add in the unbearable heartburn caused by the sugary drink. And, and the shaky, ravenous hunger felt throughout the fasting period. How is this test even legal to perform on a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy?

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Ten Ways to Avoid Ten Pounds This Holiday Season

Every fall for as long as I could remember started out pretty much the same. My summer was filled with food and drinks and I was ready to do away with all of the junk I consumed to get healthy once and for all. Fall seemed to be the perfect time to start that process. Since there weren’t as many social outings, I could put down the alcohol and pick up the elliptical training once again. I also had many months before the next summer to slim down.

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Cold and Flu Season 2014-15 and How I Avoided It All

I never considered myself to be a healthy person. Growing up it seemed I always had a headache, heartburn, runny nose on one side, stuffy on the other and green gunk coming from somewhere. I always attributed that to life. Too much stress from work; too much studying for school – life made me sick. And unhappy. After all, who is happy when you always feel rundown, sick and just plain exhausted.

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Whatchu Missing Willis?

Since starting your new diet, have you noticed your hair falling out? No, not you pulling it out because your toddler just asked to go outside for the fifteenth time since waking up twenty minutes ago, but actually falling out?

Ask any woman who has recently given birth about losing hair by the handfuls. It happens because of all of those changing hormones. It’s not bad enough that you just pushed out this screaming ball of goo, followed by the most painful poop one should never have to endure, but now your hair is clinging to every  part of your body except your head. Hormones.

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Digestion: More Than A Four Letter Word

When most people think of digestion, they likely think of eating food and then eliminating that food. Simple as a four letter word: poop. (There are many other four letter words for this, but I will do my best to keep this post clean) For those of you that don’t know, there is way more to digestion than these two daily occurrences. If you want to learn the ins and outs of how digestion works, I suggest you pick up the book Kick Your Fat in the Nuts or check this four week digestion course. In the meantime, I will do my best to break it down in much simpler terms so you can understand why it is so important for your health.

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