Coach Me Course Student: Karen Z.

Karen Z.

Yay!  Just dropping you a note to let you know how inspired and excited I am by your course!  I have felt so good since I started. I am hardly ever hungry, have no cravings, I feel less bloating, have clearer thinking and more energy.

I have even been able to give up daily Diet Cokes because I am not craving them or looking for artificial energy. That, in itself, is a major accomplishment for me.  

Yesterday I discovered I can sit criss-cross for the first time in years. My joint inflammation in my knees has subsided! Sitting criss-cross is an important skill when you teach young children. I am so excited to be able to do that again!  

My husband and I went on a 2 mile hike while I was fasting in the morning. I haven’t done that in a while, but I felt great. I wasn’t even hungry. I was a little weak, but was able to get through it with a smile on my face.

I’m not sure if there’s any differences on the scale because we have been away from home for two weeks, but the changes I see are so positive it doesn’t matter what my weight is!

Thank you so much for your motivating inspiring words!

Coach Me Course Student: Laura R.

Laura R. 

I am really enjoying this 6 week course. I think the best part is this is all coming from a real person who actually did the work and achieved the results.  

Nissa did all of the research and shares her knowledge in the Coach Me Course. There is a lot of information, but it is all presented very well. I am learning so much and realizing so much of what I thought to be correct about weight loss and low-carb, high-fat is wrong.

I am excited to continue this journey and I would recommend the Coach Me Course to anyone that wants to get healthier and smaller!

People Online

My Story

Read even more about my health gain story in the People Online article. (Sure I lost some weight…but regaining my health is the true star of this story!)

Scroll down to check out some more behind the scenes photos from our 3 day photo shoot in Miami. Click on any of the pictures to view the complete article.

All of the amazing women in the issue. (L-R: Merial, me, Lauren, Brianna and Rachel)

All of the wonderful people we were blessed to work with on the photo shoot. The photographers, the videographers, makeup & hair, the writer….ALL SUCH AMAZING PEOPLE!

Getting all prettied up for day two of the photo shoot.

The swimsuits, ready and waiting for our big day. That’s mine…the second one in line. Can you believe it is a sample size small??? Yeah, me neither!

Stolen bathroom selfie after day one. I’m not sure if this is considered contraband.

Beautiful makeup still there after a full day of shooting.

More contraband. Stolen bathroom selfie before day two’s big shoot! The picture even looks dark & mysterious.

People Online screen grab. Never did I ever think I would share a screen with Richard Simmons. (One diet I’ll admit I never tried)

Alissa K.

Twenty Years of Yo-Yo Diets

I’m a 42 year old mom of four. My weight has been up and down for the past 20 years. I have tried every diet on the planet. I would lose weight for a while, but then gain it back, plus a few more pounds. At my heaviest weight I was 208 pounds, which is very heavy for my short 5’2” body.

Continue reading “Alissa K.”

People TV Star!

My 3 day photo shoot with People Magazine for their June 2018 100 Pounds Down issue was AH-MAZING!

Not only am I a part of a feature article in People Magazine, but they also made me a star…a People TV star! Click on any of the photos to watch our video! Learn more about all of the amazing women I was featured with, as well as some fun behind the scenes footage.

Christine D.

Meet Christine D., also my mom!

Christine’s low carb, high fat success story came about somewhat by accident.  She came to visit us in  Arizona for a few weeks last year. When she was visiting, she ate pretty much whatever I cooked – lots of yummy meats, veggies covered in butter and tasty fat bombs. She noticed at the end of her few week stay that her clothes were looser and she was down a few pounds.

This experience, combined with a recently discovered gluten sensitivity, led her down a path of eating less processed carbs and more healthy fats. While she has never been keto, just a few small changes led to BIG results!

While making small changes to the way she ate daily, she also found herself spontaneously intermittent fasting without even trying. This really helped heal her body and allowed her to release weight effortlessly. She also found more energy to play with her grandkids!

When the first photo below was taken in 2015 she was wearing a maternity shirt she found on sale and a size 14 pants. After making easy changes to her diet, she now wears medium shirts and size 5/6 pants!

This is an excellent example of how your new lifestyle does not have to be all or nothing. My mom never set her sights on losing a specific amount of weight, nor did she make drastic changes to her diet. With a few key changes, and a little bit of guidance, she effortlessly lost weight and gained tons of energy!

Now she loves the Peanut Butter Bombs and the Marinated Steak Strips. Big congrats to  Christine D. on all the energy she now has to spend with her grandkids and of course, her new size 5/6 shorts. (Pictured left is my son Charlie and right is my beautiful niece Ryann)

***I want to feature you! If you have a low carb, high fat or improved digestion success story, please send it to me to be featured on a future Motivation Monday thread. Send your story here.