3 Ingredient Keto Fudge

Fudge is the ultimate holiday treat – but we all know the kind Aunt Sally makes is filled with sugar … and we all know sugar mixed with the high fat diet you’re following will just lead to weight gain!

Kick the high carb fudge to the curb and make this low carb version instead!

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Minty Cookies & Cream Fat Bombs

When you take 2 of your favorite fat bombs and mix in some delicious Nui cookies, you wind up with a whole batch of deliciousness! These are St. Patrick’s themed fat bombs that you’re definitely going to want to try.

While I don’t add more artificial sweeteners to my recipes, these treats are still sweet enough when you add in dark chocolate, cream cheese and delicious crumbled cookies. If you like an even sweeter treat, add your sweetener of choice to the chocolate sauce or cream cheese filling.

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Keto Cookie Dough Balls

While cookie dough fresh from the package is delicious, it’s definitely not keto friendly. These keto cookie dough balls – they’ve got your cookie dough craving covered. And they’re made to be eaten as is…no raw cookie dough warnings required!

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