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Courses Included in the Fat Loss Decoded Platinum Membership

Digestion Course

This course is a pre-requisite to move onto all other courses. The digestion course will walk you through the foundation of improving digestive malfunctions and chemistry imbalances to help you find optimal success with whichever path you choose. 

I improved health problems I suffered with for decades - including headaches, acne, depression, anxiety & more!

Virtual Coaching 

You’ll receive this 12 week course sent directly to your email. Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll receive daily emails to encourage, inspire and educate you on the best strategies to implement for a successful low carb or keto lifestyle. 

This course was previously offered as the Coach Me Course and has a $99 value, but is included free with your Fat Loss Decoded Platinum Membership!

Fat Loss Course

This is the same course that helped me get started on my path of losing more than 100 pounds & escaping diet mentality forever. 

Using the tactics I learned from this course, I lost more than 100 pounds! I've also kept that large loss off for more than two years with very little effort. 

For the first time in my life, weight loss & weight maintenance are easy.

Low Carb Cooking Decoded

If you plan to find long term success with a low carb lifestyle, learning how to cook delicious low carb meals is essential. 

Learn some of our favorite recipes that we incorporate into our tasty low carb lives for ultimate success! 

This course is made up of two components: Educational videos about low carb cooking and a Recipes & Cooking Demos section.

Keto Decoded

If you’re just beginning your keto lifestyle, you have stumbled upon a goldmine of information. Get started with the right information for long term success!

Even if you’re well into your keto plan, take time to learn proven strategies that really work so you can receive optimal results! 

Quit wasting time with information that’s right for everyone else. Learn how to tailor your keto plan perfectly to you & your lifestyle.

Fasting Decoded

If you’re ready to learn how adding intermittent fasting to your keto plan can supercharge your results & simplify your life, this course will be life changing! 

Intermittent fasting involves way more than just not eating for extended periods of time. 

Learn the strategies that will greatly improve your progress, as well as the tips other experts recommend that could slow down, or even halt your progress all together.  

Keto Cooking Decoded

If you plan to find long term success with a keto lifestyle, learning how to cook delicious keto meals is essential. Leave the world of dry chicken breasts and naked veggies behind. 

Learn some of our favorite recipes that we incorporate into our own tasty keto lives for ultimate success! 

This course is made up of two components: Educational videos about keto cooking and a Recipes & Cooking Demos section.

Choose A Low-Carb or Keto Track

With your Fat Loss Decoded Platinum Membership, you can choose to learn how to live an effective low-carb lifestyle to see optimal results.

If you're looking for bigger results, you can move onto our keto track with Keto Decoded, Fasting Decoded and Keto Cooking Decoded.

We'll help guide you from your current starting point in the free support group along your journey! Having an interactive support group could be key to your success!

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"Eating keto & learning how to fix my digestion has completely changed my life!" - Alyssa K.

"Following keto the right way has been huge! I've never felt better and this is the easiet plan I've ever followed." - Suzanne J.

Meet the Course Creators

Nissa Graun 

Nissa struggled with yo-yo diets for more than 20 years. After reaching her highest weight, she lost more than 110 pounds by improving her digestion and following a ketogenic diet.  

Now she is teaching everything she learned about low-carb, keto, intermittent fasting & more in the courses found in the Fat Loss Decoded Platinum Membership.

Nissa Graun is the author of My Big Fat Life Transformation, The Lazy Keto Gourmet and How to Succeed on Keto Without Really Trying.

T.C. Hale

Like most natural health experts, T.C. Hale (aka Tony Hale) began his career in stand-up comedy. Touring professionally as a comic for nearly a decade, he never envisioned that he would one day teach the world how to sleep, poop, and even lose weight. 

On Valentine's Day, 2004, Tony lost his voice and it didn’t come back. After twenty-three doctors couldn't figure out the problem, Tony decided it was time to dig for his own answers. Eight years later, not only did Tony figure out his own issues, he also happened upon hidden information about how to improve countless other health problems. 

Beyond working with many celebrity clients, Tony is on the executive board of The Coalition For Health Education and teaches monthly webinars about nutrition to doctors, nutritionists and other health care professionals from more than thirty-five countries. You can also find Tony producing documentaries like the upcoming Why Am I So Fat?, a film that teaches the truth about weight loss.

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Learn How to Work With Your Body to Find Low-Carb or Keto Success!

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With this special upgrade to a Platinum Membership, you will gain access to ALL of the courses listed for only $49 for the 1st month & $29/month after that, cancel anytime.