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Get Keto Challenger Results!

If you want challenger level results, but you don't want to wait for the Keto Challenge to begin ... or if competing against others for prizes up to $1,000 just isn't your thing, I'll calculate your macros for you right now!

In the very first Keto Challenge, the results the challengers got were OK ...but I knew I could do more to help challengers blow past their weight loss goals. Once I began providing a Complete Macro Analysis for keto challengers, their results went from only OK to "Woah, you lost how much weight in only 21 days???"

So many keto dieters are following macros meant for someone else ... and that's the reason they're not getting maximum results while also feeling amazing. Let me change that for you with a Complete Macro Analysis. You'll get a macro range individualized for your current needs & you'll understand how I reached those macros so you can adjust them in the future.

*If you decide to join the challenge after your macros are calculated, you're guaranteed to get the Early Bird Challenge Rate of $60.

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