Welcome to the Keto Challenge!

Welcome Keto Challengers!


Start Your Keto Challenge Now! Important Dates & Steps:

Friday 9-6-19:  Challenge Documents Released

How to Prepare – Over the weekend:
  • Read through all challenge materials
  • Request personalized macros (these take up to 24 hrs to prepare)
  • Clean out fridge & cabinets of all temptations
  • Review meal plan options & put together your keto challenge approach
    • Plan at least 1 day ahead of time throughout the challenge for best results
    • Choose from either the Mix & Match Meal Plan, the Bonus Meal Plan or put together your own!
  • Ask any questions you have in the Keto Challenge Group
    • Don’t be shy – no question is a dumb question
    • 21 days from now you’re going to LOVE your fellow challengers…get to know them now!
    • Stop in now to introduce yourself

    Monday 9-9-19: Weigh In & Measure

    • When you wake up, take your starting weight & measurements.
      • Send starting measurements  & goals to: nissahelpsme@gmail.com
      • If it’s easier to complete this on Sunday, that’s OK – stick to the same day each week.
      • You can type out your measurements & goals and send via email or print the Measurements Form and take a picture with your phone to send back.
    If Competing for Prizes, Send starting Weight:
      • Only those who send a video at the beginning of week 1 & at the end of week 3 are eligible for prizes.
      • You do not need to send a video during week 2 or at the start of week 3.

    Monday 9-16-19: Hold Yourself Accountable

    • Send your updated weight to nissahelpsme@gmail.com

    Monday 9-23-19: Hold Yourself Accountable

    • Send your updated weight to nissahelpsme@gmail.com

    Monday 9-30-19: You Did It! You’re a challenge champion!!!

    • Send your final weigh in video and final measurements to nissahelpsme@gmail.com
    • Send all video & written testimonials this week
    • Let us know in the support group how you plan to celebrate your success!

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