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"Following keto the right way has been huge! I've never felt better and this is the easiet plan I've ever followed.

I am off several medications I took for 9+ years. I am so grateful for Nissa & Tony. Improving digestion + living a keto lifestyle have made my life so much better!" 

- Suzanne J.

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  • Lost 58 lbs - a loss maintained for over a year
  • Reversed Fatty Liver Disease
  • Weaned off medications for Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Heart Burn and Arthritis

Eating keto & learning how to fix digestion completely changed my life. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, non-alcoholic fatty liver, high blood pressure, off the charts triglycerides and it hurt to stand or walk.  

I found Nissa and In 5 months, I completely reversed my health conditions … came off long term medications … went from a size 16 to a size 6 … and my husband joined me to lose 51 lbs in 4 months!” - Alissa K. 

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Option #3 - The Keto Challenge

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"Participating in the 21 day Keto Challenge has been the best thing I could do for myself. Nissa’s been a great coach & answers any questions our group may have. I’ve always had great difficulty losing weight, so it’s amazing that I’ve dropped a pants size in such a short period of time! I feel great, am not craving food all day long, and am making wiser choices that are sustainable in the long run. I highly recommend the 21day Keto Challenge and am so thankful to Nissa for all her help!"

Or KellyRae Whose Scale Finally Budged for the 1st Time in Years!

"No matter what I do, I can't seem to lose "weight." I can lose inches & drop body fat %, which is the endgame, but it always stifled me that no matter what, the lbs would not come off. I had a bariatric doctor track me & even he was stumped at the results.  

Within the first 2 weeks of the challenge I was down nearly 9 lbs, and I was shocked! I literally stepped on and off the scale a few times because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I am so grateful for Nissa, and her willingness to put this challenge together to help so many. I soooooo appreciate her efforts, knowledge & enthusiasm for wanting to help others succeed.

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More About Nissa

Nissa struggled with yo-yo diets for 20 years. After reaching her highest weight, she lost more than 110 pounds by improving digestion & following a low carb approach.  

She escaped more than 20 years of yo-yo diets and poor health with the information found in the Keto Decoded Membership. She never realized sustained weight loss & optimal health was within reach & could be so easy with the right knowledge, community & coaching.  

Now she teaches everything she knows about low-carb, keto, intermittent fasting & more in the Keto Decoded Membership.  

Nissa Graun is the author of My Big Fat Life Transformation, The Lazy Keto Gourmet , Bust Through Your Plateau and How to Succeed on Keto Without Really Trying. She helps clients get big results with Keto Challenges where members lose up to 20 lbs in only 21 days!