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I help women ditch diets for good! After 20 years of diet misery, I understand your stuggle. Get big results with the same strategies I used to lose 100 pounds.

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Eating Fat is the New Skinny

My Story

I followed mainstream advice for 25 years. I was sick, tired & miserable for two full decades. Sometimes I lost weight, but it was never easy & definitely never permanent. Unfortunately, the chronic illnesses I dealt with were permanent.  

After hitting 245 pounds, I felt hopeless.  

Post pregnancy, all previous weight loss go-to’s were useless. I was fat, sick & miserable … all while wearing maternity clothes to celebrate my son’s 1st birthday.  

I stumbled across a book that changed my life. Using natural supplements & a low carb plan, I lost more than 100 pounds and improved health conditions I didn’t even know I had.  

All I wanted to do was move a scale that refused to budge…  

I ended up losing more than 100 lbs & improved health problems I suffered with for decades. 

These include…  

- Chronic heartburn - Cystic acne - Daily headaches & migraines - Frequent sinus infections - Constant drippy nose - Itchy skin - Insomnia - Nausea - Anxiety - Constipation - Depression - Hypoglycemia - Diabetic blood sugars - Constant junk food cravings  

And that’s just naming a few.  

After decades of struggle, I finally understand true health.

My passion is to help women kick yo-yo diets forever through my books, courses & membership site. Get My Free Guide Here

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I lost 100 lbs & transformed my life. Now I want to help you!

After struggling for 25 years, I found the secret to easy & sustainable weight loss. I lost 100 pounds using the same life-changing methods I teach in my books, courses & membership. 

It's going on 3 years ... and the weight is still gone!

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