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Since starting your new diet, have you noticed your hair falling out? No, not you pulling it out because your toddler just asked to go outside for the fifteenth time since waking up twenty minutes ago, but actually falling out?

Ask any woman who has recently given birth about losing hair by the handfuls. It happens because of all of those changing hormones. It’s not bad enough that you just pushed out this screaming ball of goo, followed by the most painful poop one should never have to endure, but now your hair is clinging to every  part of your body except your head. Hormones.

Guess what happens when you drastically change your diet. That’s right, hormones! The good news when you eat for your hormones is you are no longer chained to calorie counting or endless cardio sessions. The bad news, sometimes your hair falls out.

There is a solution to prevent premature balding on your new diet. You can have your fats and eat them too! (Does that saying befuddle anyone else? Of course if you have cake, or fats, you want to eat them.) Ok. So eat your fats, not the cake, and then add in some collagen protein. After a few weeks of an ounce of collagen per day, poof! Your hair will be luxurious and will stay on your head – where it belongs. Not in the drain. Not hanging all over your clothes. Not in your toddler’s mouth.

I know what you’re thinking – collagen has a lot of protein; what about gluconeogenesis? Wait, that wasn’t the first thought that crossed your mind? You must be new here. If you are worried about gluconeogenesis, just chill out on all of that for a minute. It actually occurs much less than the keto experts lead you to believe. I too was worried about this and dropped collagen from my diet for awhile. Wanna know what happened? My hair fell out. I mean, are you even paying attention?

Ok, I noticed something else happen as well.

I have a three year old that is an extremely picky eater. When I say extreme, I mean the kid won’t even eat an ice cream cone. He licks the ice cream with the very tip of his tongue and then whips it on the ground while gagging like we just forced castor oil down his throat. He also doesn’t eat meat. He will eat peanut butter fat bombs though. Score!

Knowing what I know about health, he needs to get extra protein into his diet. I started putting a scoop of collagen protein into his low sugar juice one to two times per day. Silly boy, he even asks for it because I told him it was sugar. The truths we parents stretch.

Healthy Immune System: Collagen For the Win!

This past winter I noticed everyone in the house catching colds more than normal; everyone except the toddler. The rest of his diet is not great. I do the best I can with what I have to work with, but there is only so much an at-the-end-of-her-rope-why-won’t-you-just-eat-something-for-the-love-of-all-things-Mickey-Mouse mom can do.

After waking up with one too many scratchy throats, it came to me. The collagen! He was the only one in the house still taking it consistently. My husband and I were so paranoid about that long G word that we immediately eliminated this healing protein from our diets. Collagen has a long list of many other health benefits beyond keeping your follicles securely attached. It is a protein our body NEEDS to function properly. This is one of the reasons bone broth is all the rage – collagen! Plus, if you use Perfect Keto’s collagen, they add MCT oil to their mix, which can halt gluconeogenisis in the first place. Definitely a no brainer here.

I added collagen back into my diet recently. Hello healthy immune system – I have missed you; please don’t ever leave me. What I do not miss is pulling out 3 fistfuls of brown and gray strands every time I gather my hair into a ponytail. My husband does not miss cleaning the shower drain daily and my toddler does not miss the mommy strings that end up in his mouth.

If you are still worried about gluconeogenesis, do some experimenting with yourself. Add it to your diet and test your ketones later that day. Still in ketosis? See, it wasn’t a problem. If by some small chance it does kick you out of ketosis, maybe drop those pork rinds or cheese sticks. Your health is well worth this small sacrifice.

Also, try not to take your collagen with a heavy protein meal. If you have no clue what gluconeogenesis is, maybe try Google. Then run, don’t walk, to your computer and order collagen right now. I mean, why are you still reading this? Your collagen should be in the process of being packed up by Perfect Keto right now, but instead you’re still reading.

There are a lot of articles out there stating all of the health benefits of a high quality collagen. Today Google will be your friend.  Research the ways collagen can help you, and then add it to your favorite recipe or drink. I would not recommend adding it to plain water. I mean, if you have a strong stomach and no sense of smell, it’s all you. I find it dissolves best if you add half of your chosen liquid to your glass, scoop in collagen and then pour the remaining liquid. Stir and let it sit for a minute or two to fully dissolve.

If you stopped reading this blog to order your collagen from Perfect Keto and it just arrived at your door, but you have no clue what to do with it, I have some suggestions:

You can add it to your favorite electrolyte mix. Two for one! You can also dissolve a scoop into your morning coffee, and then another scoop into your afternoon coffee. If you adore chocolate as much as I do and do not live in the summer hades that is Arizona, make a keto hot chocolate and stir some in. Just don’t add it to juice that is not for your toddler, because if you are drinking liquid sugar in the form of juice or soda, what the heck are you doing reading a health blog anyway?!?!

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