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If you ask, you shall receive. Well, this time anyway.

When I posted my recent comparison photos, quite a few people asked me what I eat. Fat. I eat lot of fat, silly people. But I guess that is not specific enough. I went back to basics and logged my food EVERYDAY for two entire weeks. 

Did you know keeping a food journal makes you much more successful when you are trying to change your food habits? When I first started my big weight loss effort, I kept a very basic journal where I wrote down everything I ate, the time I ate it, how I felt after the meal and how many carbs were in that meal. That’s it. Super simple. Look where I am now – my goal weight for the first time in my life! Not to mention, I actually lost two more pounds while keeping this log. (although, I guess I just mentioned it)  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would lose weight without even trying. 

Head to the store right now and buy a notepad. Find something small that you will want to take with you everywhere you go. Maybe something cute with kittens on the cover. Track your food everyday and keep tracking daily until the entire notepad is filled. I bet by then you will be pretty good at listening to your body and will learn what you should be eating. Make sure you keep your journal simple. If it is too tedious, you won’t do it.

Before you view what I ate, let me say a few things about my food journal. First, don’t try this at home! I have been fat adapted for quite sometime and have been practicing fasting for a while as well. Just because you see I can do a 24 hour fast and feel great, don’t do it! I mean, eventually do it, but take your time and work up to that. Same thing with the food I eat. These are foods that are right for MY body and they make ME feel good. Don’t eat foods you do not enjoy or that your body cannot digest just because I did. Except maybe the collagen – everybody probably needs that.

I did not take the time to add up macros or calorie counts for this food log because, well, I have children constantly vying for my attention and I just don’t care. (About the macros, not the kids. I adore the kids)  I know these are the foods that give me tons of energy and keep me in ketosis. I check with my blood ketone monitor since that is really the only true way to know.

Also, don’t get all keto crazy on me and lecture me about being way too high in carbs or about eating too much protein. I am in ketosis, just trust me. You might not be able to eat some of these foods for your keto, but I can and I do. (Sorry if I seem touchy; spent a little time on the keto boards recently. Those people are mean. Those people need feel good ketones, stat!)

I will say there are a few days I added up the macros on my Cronometer app. By lunchtime I was already around 1400-1500 calories, before eating a 1,000+ calorie dinner. Other days, not so much. This flexibility definitely beats the days of strictly limiting every single day to 1200 calories or below, plus an hour or two of cardio! The point is, I listened to my body and ate what made me feel good. Try that.

Abbreviations used: pb – peanut butter; bombs or fb- fat bombs; hwc – heavy whipping cream; dc: 88% dark chocolate; HIIT – high intensity interval training; electrolyte lemonade: 1/2 ounce collagen mixed with Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme


11 am: electrolyte collagen lemonade, 2 almond butter cookies, 2 pb bombs

12:45 pm: iced coffee with 3 tbls hwc and 10 drops stevia, 1 oz peanuts

3:50 pm: 2 pb bombs, 1 oz walnuts, 3 squares 88% dark chocolate

6 pm: Cheesecake Factory full chopped salad (no cheese, no corn. With extra ranch) 3 squares 88% dark chocolate


6 am: 45 mins strength, 20 HIIT treadmill (walk 2 & 1/2 minutes, sprint 30 seconds)

10:15 am: 2 eggs, 1 tbs butter, 1 tbsp hwc, garlic, 1.4 oz avocado, 2 oz salsa, 1.5 oz keto BBQ sauce, 3 pb fat bombs

12:15 pm: almond butter cookie, pb fat bomb, electrolyte lemonade

2 pm: 2 pb fudge, coffee with 3 oz hwc and 10 stevia drops, 2 squares 88% dark chocolate

5:45 pm: Red Robin southern charm burger, no bun, BBQ sauce on side. Side salad with ranch.


***completed 24 hour fast***

6 pm: 2 pb fudge, 2 pb bombs, 6 88% dark squares, 1 almond butter cookie, 5 oz steak veggie mix, 1 oz  each sour cream, guac, salsa.


10:15 am: 2 eggs, tbls butter, tbls hwc, 1.5 oz avocado, 1 oz onions, keto BBQ sauce. 1 pb fudge, 2 pb bombs

12:30 pm: pb fat bomb, electrolyte lemonade with collagen, 3 88% dark chocolate squares

1:30 pm: 1 oz peanuts, 1 pb fat bomb

3:45 pm: coffee with 3 oz hwc and 10 stevia drops

5:45 pm: 4 oz steak, steak sauce, onion rings, ranch, 3 88 dc


12:15 pm: 2 eggs, 1 tbsp butter + hwc, garlic, 1.5 oz avocado, onion, BBQ sauce, 3 pb bombs

2:15 pm: coffee with 3 tbls cream and 10 stevia drops, 1 almond butter cookie

5:35 pm: salad with 1 oz onions, 1.8 oz cucumbers, 1 oz ranch. 4.8 oz chicken with salt, pepper and garlic. 1 tbls herb butter.


12:15 pm: 4 oz chicken, keto BBQ sauce, 1 oz herb butter, 1.5 oz avocado, salad with cucumber and onion and ranch. 3 dark chocolate. 2 pb fat bomb, 1 pb fudge

3 pm: coffee with 3 oz hwc, 10 stevia drops. 2 pb fudge

5:45 pm: Panda Express: Kung Pao chicken, broccoli and beef. 3 88% dark chocolate


12:15 pm: collagen electrolyte lemonade, almond butter cookie, 3 pb bombs, 1 oz walnuts

1:30 pm: coffee with 3 oz hwc and 3 pb fudge

3:45 pm: 3 squares 88% dark chocolate

5:45 pm: cheesecake factory bacon bacon cheeseburger, side salad with ranch. 3 88% dc


10 am: 3 tbls pb fudge, Starbucks coldbrew with heavy cream

2 pm: protein double double (In and Out burger), 2 pb fb

3:30 pm: 2 pb fudge, 3 squares 88% dark chocolate, electrolyte collagen lemonade

5:45 pm: chicken breast and butter, beef brisket, 3 squares 88% dark chocolate. BBQ sauce


6 am: 40 min resistance training, 20 min HIIT (treadmill walk for 2:30/sprint for 30)

10 am: 3 pb fudge, electrolyte collagen lemonade, 1 oz peanuts, 2 sq 88% dc

11:45 am: pb bomb, coffee with 3 oz hwc and 10 stevia drops

5:30 pm: baked brie cheese with pesto, salad with ranch, New York strip steak and green beans with garlic butter. Bernaise sauce.


10 am: 2 eggs cooked in butter with 1 tbls hwc, ½ avocado, onions, keto BBQ sauce. 1 pb fudge, 1 pb fatbomb

12:30 pm: 4 oz cucumbers and ranch,  1 oz walnuts. Electrolyte collagen lemonade. 3 pb fudge

2:30 pm: 3 squares 88%  dark chocolate

3:30 pm: 3 pb fb, coffee with 3 oz hwc and 10 stevia drops


8:30 am: collagen electrolyte lemonade, 3 pb fudge, 1 oz walnuts

11 am: pesto eggs, 2 pb fb

4 pm:  coffee with 3 oz hwc and 10 stevia drops

5:40 pm: Panera green goddess Cobb salad (no egg) 3 squares 88% dc


11:30 am: pb fb, 3 pb fudge, coffee with 3 tbls hwc and 10 stevia drops, 4 oz chicken, 1.5 oz pesto creamy garlic.

3:40 pm: electrolyte collagen lemonade, 3 squares 88% dc, 1.2 oz walnuts

5:40 pm: electrolyte collagen lemonade, string cheese, 1 oz salami, 4 oz cucumbers, ½ oz ranch. 3 sq 88 dc


10 am: electrolyte collagen lemonade, 3 tbsp pb fudge

11:15 am: 2 pb fatbombs

12:40 pm: electrolyte collagen lemonade, 1 oz peanuts, pb bomb

3:30 pm: venti cold brew extra heavy cream, Starbucks almonds

6:15 pm: panda Kung Pao chicken and steak


10:10 am: 4 oz cucumbers, 1 oz dip. 2 pb fat bombs, electrolyte collagen lemonade

12 pm: 2 pb fudge

3:30 pm: coffee with 3 oz hwc and 10 stevia drops, 2 pb fb, 4 squares 88% dc6

6 pm:  double bacon cheeseburger (no bun) and salad with ranch from Cheesecake Factory

Minus 2 lbs and 1/2 pants size after 2 weeks

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