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Let’s Talk Girl Talk

Let me bring you back to 1990 for a minute. Aqua-netted hair as high as the heavens was all the rage, Madonna was busy teaching the world to vogue and I discovered the game Girl Talk – A Game of Truth or Dare. My ten year old self felt so cool playing such a grown up game with all of my ten year old girlfriends. I seriously lived for sleepovers where we got to bust this game open and act like the teenage girls we voraciously studied in the Sweet Valley High book series.

The part of that game I absolutely despised was when you did not take the genius dare another preteen girl suggested, you had to wear a zit sticker on your face. At age ten my hormones weren’t quite crazy yet and my skin was still soft, hydrated and smooth. Still, the embarrassment I felt putting a zit sticker on my face was awful. I could never imagine the horror a real life zit would bring. No thank you, I will skip that phase of life.

That was the plan anyway. Then I became a teenager and the acne hit hard. It was far more embarrassing than the Girl Talk game ever lead me to believe. This was right around the time I started wearing makeup, so I was able to cover up my horrid skin a little, but the truth was still visible beneath my CoverGirl two shades too dark for me foundation.

A lot of people pin acne as a teenager’s problem. Hormones are shifting, junk food is plentiful and caked on makeup is applied at the start of every single high school class. My issues with acne lasted well into my early 30’s, as is the case with many women these days. I am not talking a zit or two appearing on my chin as the time of the month known as Shark Week approaches. And for those of you who think Shark Week is just a week long series on the Discovery Channel as I did, look it up on Urban Dictionary. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why so many women posted about craving junky carbs while watching sharks swim the waters on TV.

Twenty Years of “Solutions”

I was not like a lot of my friends who complained of a small pimple or two every month. I had huge, pus filled cystic acne spots all over my self-conscious face. For twenty years I did everything I could to stop this problem in its tracks. I was a regular at the dermatologist’s office and pretty much paying to be a product tester for every single over counter solution on the market.

I tried creams, lotions, alcohol based wipes and expensive mineral makeup. I dutifully washed my face in the morning, before bed and sometimes in the middle of the day. I bought so much Proactiv that I am surprised Rodan & Fields did not ask me to star in their commercials. On second thought, I would not have made a great after picture. Before – yes! I was their perfect before model. Maybe if they cast me in the commercial after the first month, that would have worked, but after that the Proactiv was no longer my savior. You think I would have learned that lesson after buying it year after year, hoping this time would be different.

As if that list is not extensive enough, I opted for the mac daddy of all acne solutions not once, but twice. I signed on the dotted line for Accutane. After years of over the counter solutions and medical prescriptions failed me, I went to my trusted dermatologist for the end-my-pizza-face-forever solution. If you never tried Accutane, this may not sound like a big deal to you. At the time, I thought it was just a pill I popped twice per day. I’m not sure what would leave me to believe this, as it was harder to obtain an Accutane prescription than to get into Studio 54 if you weren’t over the top flamboyant or a celebrity of some sort. Now I am horrified at what this innocent looking pill may have done to my body.

I suppose it is not all that innocent looking. On every single pill you take there is an image of a pregnant woman with a big red X over it. This pill was so strong that pregnant women were not even supposed to look at it. I was sworn to taking birth control while on it, and I had to sign a waiver that I would have an abortion if I did get pregnant. Thankfully I had no pregnancy plans, but how awful that is the procedure just to clear up acne. This does not even get into the horrible side effects of this wonder drug.

My skin was never so dry in my entire life. How am I supposed to use my two shades too dark CoverGirl with peeling skin covering my face? The moistness on my lips completely went away. I looked like a bit of a clown with peeling skin around my entire mouth for months. There was not enough Carmex in the world to keep my lips soft. My nose was so dry that it felt like I was being stabbed in the nostrils with sewing needles and I don’t think I could even cry actual tears of pain from my dehydrated eyes. Accutane is also associated with feeling dizzy, nervous, drowsy, back pain and joint pain. None of these symptoms were foreign to my mid-twenty something self, and Accutane exacerbated every single one! Wonder drugs of the twenty first century.

I willingly took this horrid medical solution twice. The long lasting miracle effects from this, a drug that was to cure my acne woes forever, only lasted a year both times I endured the medication and its side effects. After a year I was back to buying the entire acne aisle at Walgreens.

For twenty years I scoured every book for the cure and never, and I mean never, left the house without a ton of caked on makeup to cover my scarlet letter. As with many things in life, if only I had known then what I know now. As in, those medications I was taking to clear up my acne were actually doing far more damage than they were ever helping. The over the counter creams, even the really pricey ones, could never fix a problem that was a result of internal issues I needed to deal with in order to rid myself of cystic acne forever.

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Clearing Things Up:

In early 2014 I came across the book Kick Your Fat in the Nuts. As mentioned before, I attempted everything in my arsenal to take off more than 100 pounds that would not budge via any other method. I consistently recycled the same three to four pounds. I decided to throw a Hail Mary and attempt the methods in this book.

I studied nutrition for the prior twenty plus years, yet a lot of the information in this book was all new to me. Nothing I previously studied was helping me in my time of desperate need, so out with the old and in with the might as well give this a try and then find something else when this doesn’t work.

Except this time, this really worked! As in, I was able to lose and easily keep off over 145 pounds worked. As in, I hit my weight loss goal for the first time in my life worked, and then I lowered the goal and got there too. Not only that, but in the process I was able to finally correct so many symptoms I dealt with for more than two decades. Learn more about all of the symptoms I improved here. This blog was sent here to save the day for all of the acne sufferers of the world!

The information I learned from the Kick Your Fat in the Nuts book, and had reinforced with their Kick it Naturally podcast and 12 Week Fat Loss Course, helped me figure out what twenty years of doctor’s advice, over the counter solutions and clear skin infomercials could not. I was able to correct malfunctions in my body that were causing the cystic acne to continuously take up residence on my face. This improved my situation once and for all.

I found out years of prescription medications and processed foods that I was using to improve my health were actually the very things destroying my health and causing painful acne. These included years of Lean Cuisines, “healthy” whole grain products, birth control and the medical prescriptions given to me to clear up my skin. All of these products were contributing to making my bile sludgy and sticky, which prevented me from digesting food appropriately.

Years of low fat diets also contributed to this, as once your remove necessary healthy fats from your diet, your body forgets how to process these. I did everything the experts told me to do for perfect health, only to continuously fall down a rabbit hole of worsening symptoms and plus size pants.

As you can imagine, this problem did not correct itself overnight. I started with the supplement regimen outlined in book and 12 Week Fat Loss Course. Following this routine was my Hail Mary I prayed would work. You do not need to throw up a Hail Mary – you get to learn firsthand from all of my spectacular results.

Let’s Get Personal:

The supplement regimen consisted of three supplements: Beet Flow, Beatine HCL and Digestizyme. While the Beatine HCL and Digestizyme are mini health miracles in their own rights, Beet Flow is the star of my healthy skin glow. Beet Flow consists of highly concentrated beet greens. And yes, you can get the same effects of Beet Flow if you just consume beet greens in your diet, however, you will need to consume one million buckets. OK, maybe not one million and maybe I watched Austin Powers one million times, but beet greens would be pretty much the only thing you eat every day just to get the same effect. Maybe take the pills and try to eat something more delicious.

I took Beet Flow as suggested in the book and things did start to improve. Weight was coming off, I was no longer nauseous at the sight of a steak and I began pooping everyday! I know, probably way more information than you want to know about me. Hold on tight because this blog is about to get waaaaaayyyyy more personal. This for your benefit. My skin is clear, I have my benefit; now let’s work on you.

While I followed all steps in the book, my skin issue still was a bit of a mess. Everything else was going according to plan, so I reached out to the Kick Your Fat Support Group to get more answers. The helpful coaches told me to try Xeneplex and then follow it up the next day with a Beet Flow Flush.

I went to Natural Reference to find out what this Xeneplex was. $89 for only ten pills is what this Xeneplex was. WOAH! That seemed pricey, especially considering all of the supplements I recently added to my regimen. But then I thought about the countless acne products I tried over the course of my life and would continue to need if I never fixed the root of my problem. Suddenly a one time charge of $89 seemed like a steal. Cool. Ship me the Xeneplex! Ship me all the Xeneplex! (as long as it is just the one box for $89; stuff ain’t cheap)

I received Xeneplex and read the instructions. I did notice it is a coffee suppository product when I ordered it. The support group told me it is used to help extra sludgy bile get moving, but I did not really take into account by what means. I found out you take the Beet Flow to attack sticky bile from one angle (taken by mouth), while Xeneplex attacks the problem from a completely different angle (taken by butt).

Yes, you read that correctly. Taken by butt. Sure that’s what suppository means, but I never had to take anything like that before so I didn’t really take the time to think about it. So you mean to tell me I just paid $89 for only ten pills, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to stick these pills in my butt. They did not even have the decency to buy me a glass of wine first.

Thrive Market sells your favorite organic and non-gmo brands for up to 50% off retail.

The thought of sticking a pill into my butt made me break out into cold sweats. I was cut in half a year prior, and for some reason a c-section birth seemed like child’s play compared to this step. I also researched before I attempted this and read I had to hold this in for at least fifteen minutes. I didn’t even understand what that all meant. This was all strange and new to me, however, I paid $89 and I was sick of pus mountains all over my face, so I took the long, lonely walk to the bathroom, I grabbed some vasoline and I took that pill by butt.

Truth be told, I stressed for nothing. A little bit of oil came out, but other than that, life went on and I went from worrying about my own butt back to wiping my baby’s butt. I followed up the next day by adding a Beet Flow flush. My bile was incredibly stubborn, so I had to follow this procedure a few times before I received the results I wanted. I already paid for the pills, so it wasn’t a big deal. It’s not like I planned to lend my leftover butt pills to any friends.

This fairy tale come to life was about three years ago. Guess which girl still has perfect skin. If you guessed the girls in the Proactiv commercials, probably not. If you guessed me, you are paying attention! No more wasted money on creams, lotions, over the counter solutions or medical prescriptions. Heck, I barely wash my face anymore unless I am taking off makeup. (I’m a busy mom, don’t judge me)

Learn Your Truth:

Many people do notice their skin clears up when they start a ketogenic diet and they never had to take all of these steps. I believe this is because they are ridding themselves of processed junk food and “healthy” whole grains. This will help their bile flow more freely. Others will actually notice their skin gets worse. This also makes sense because you are adding a lot of fat to your diet, and if your bile is not flowing correctly, those fats will become toxic to you. Your body may try to get rid of the toxins through the skin. This can result in acne and itchy skin. 

While these steps may not be necessary for everyone, just know there is help out there for those of us who cannot get rid of acne any other way. Clear skin is one of the best indicators of good health. If your skin is not as glowing and radiant as you see in after pictures of the infomercials, definitely learn more about how to fix your digestion here. You could change your health forever for only fifty cents.

While this blog talks about obtaining the benefits of better bile flow for clearer skin, also know there are plenty of other reasons you want good bile flow. These include processing fats correctly to help stabilize blood sugar and break your reliance on carbohydrates for energy and helping a body that is dealing with diarrhea, constipation, nausea, gas, itchy skin, bloating or elevated cholesterol.

I am not some genius who had an epiphany and suddenly all of this information came to me. I learned about how to improve this health problem, along with countless others, in the 12 Week Online Fat Loss Course that I won’t stop talking about. I only mention it so much because I care about you and your health. Three years ago I set out on a mission to lose fat, while I gained knowledge that will help me and my family maintain optimal health for life.

If you click through my link, the course is also only $89. If I could have learned this information taught in this course twenty years ago, I think I would have bought all the courses! To me, my health is that valuable.

Beet Flow and Xeneplex can be found at Natural Reference. Please use my practitioner code: nissahelpsme and email me for additional information.

Now who is up for a round of Girl Talk?


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