Coach Me Course Student: Lori P.

Lori P.

I am just touching base and I wanted to thank you for all of the valuable info!

Something made me pick up People Magazine that one day in the store and I am so thankful I found Nissa. She led me to T.C. Hale’s work as well. For once in my life it all makes sense on why I never lost the weight or when I did lose, I gained it back. Now I know I can actually do it.

I am working with T.C. Hale, in addition to the Coach Me Course, to help with my digestion issues. I realized the weight isn’t going to come off until I get my digestion and imbalances on track.

I am still eating keto, but realized through the courses that adding in medium carbs will help me right now. Once I get my digestion back under control, I am looking forward to weight loss and a healthy body!

I bought your cookbook and love your recipes!

Looking forward to the future!

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