Coach Me Course Student: Eddi Rae M.

Eddi Rae M.

I was like you – trying anything and everything that I heard about that would help me take those pounds off.  I had gotten to a weight of 326 pounds when I saw Nissa on the news. I was a bit skeptical until I started checking out the Eating Fat is the New Skinny website, as well as T.C. Hale’s digestion information and reading his book “Kick your Fat in the Nuts.”

That has helped me understand why I was getting to “plateaus” on the other programs and I couldn’t break it to continue to lose weight.  I would also get to where I was bored with the shakes and supplements that I would take after about 2-3 weeks. I would lose about 10-20 pounds, but then just didn’t have the gumption to continue the program.  

I have been on this program for about 7 weeks now.  I did the Kick it Naturally Digestion Course and then I jumped into the 6 week Coach Me Course.  I have my digestion working properly and now I am losing weight. I do feel that my clothes are getting looser each week.  I know I have lost inches on my waist, so I know that I am making progress.

I am so glad that I found Nissa and the Coach Me Course. It is wonderful knowing that this is as simple as it gets.


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