Coach Me Course Student: Suzanne J.

Suzanne J.

The Coach Me Course has been so helpful in many different ways!  From guiding me on my keto journey to helping me understand and improve my digestion to so much in between!

I am so lucky to have found Nissa at the beginning of my keto journey – doing it the right way has been HUGE!  I’ve never felt better in my entire life! This is by far the easiest “plan” I have been on – and will continue doing this for my lifetime.

I started intermittent fasting, which I still can’t believe I’m able to do without being hungry!!!  This is something that I never imagined I would ever do – ever. It’s been awesome.

Being able to ask any questions no matter how dumb they may seem has been awesome too – no matter what I ask it always gets answered.

EVERYONE needs to take the Coach Me Course – no matter if they have weight to lose or have digestive issues or just want to feel better!  I have so many friends that think they have to kill themselves at the gym or by running miles upon miles everyday. I’ve been recommending your course to so many people.

Thank you doesn’t even begin to touch on it.  I am eternally grateful!!

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