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Did you cheat on your keto diet on Easter and now you’re panicking because you don’t know how to get back into ketosis? Watch this video to learn 5 easy tips to get you back into fat burning mode.

With the big bunny hopping through town last Sunday, I’m sure at least one of you watching this video saw your kid’s huge basket of glorious Easter candy and dug right in, without a 2nd thought about your keto diet. Even if there’s only 1 person watching this video, it wouldn’t shock me if that 1 person fell off track once the smell of giant milk chocolate bunnies filled the air.

OK…hopefully there’s more than 1 person watching this video. Say hello in the comments so I know there’s more than 1 person watching this video.

If you fell off track this Easter, whether the hollow chocolate bunnies were too tempting to resist or if you ended up loading your dinner plate with mashed potatoes and corn, many people go into such occasions with the intention of not cheating…and then their minds start to remember how delicious those carbs taste and they realize the quick energy boost they can get from those carbs…and before they know it, their physiology takes over and they’re face first in a bag of Starburst jelly beans!

We all understand eating such sugary treats is going to kick us right out of ketosis… and who knows what other high carb temptations that might lead to, or how how else we might spiral out of control. So the obvious answer is, stay away from Starburst jelly beans. But just because an answer is obvious, doesn’t always mean that’s how life goes.

If you’re following keto, you know by now that sometimes cheating even a little can completely wreck your diet…at least for a few days. If you did have a big old cheating bunny day, no judgement. I’m going to help you get right back on track with keto with 5 easy suggestions to get back into ketosis.

Suggestion #1 — Just get back to it.

Even if you had a slip up on Easter, or any other day, don’t beat yourself up. Berating yourself or punishing yourself mentally does nothing but hurt your progress. One of the best things you can do to regain steam on your keto plan is to get right back to keto with your very next meal.

At the very least, the day after Easter is a Monday and we all know how dieters like to start fresh on Mondays, so yesterday was your perfect chance to recommit. If your brain was too foggy to recommit because you were out of ketosis, then today, with your very next meal, just get back to your keto plan.

Of course, this isn’t something you’re going to want to do all of the time. Remember, eating too many carbs with too much fat is a recipe for weight gain. If you’re still cheating on keto every weekend, definitely check out my book How to Succeed on Keto Without Really Trying. I explain in the book how you can get past that temptation to cheat once and for all so you can find lasting success with keto. You can find that book at

Suggestion #2 — if you were kicked out of ketosis because of a cheat meal and you want to know the quickest way to get back in, one option is to fast longer that day. If you’re already using intermittent fasting as a tool to get you to your goal, this part will be easy. Just push your fast a little longer that day to help your body get back to burning stored fat.

If you haven’t begun fasting, or you’re not yet fat adapted, this may not be the right option for you. Forcing a fast your body isn’t ready for because you’re not yet fat adapted can cause a major stress to your body. Stress is one of those things that can put you back into fat storing mode.

Suggestion #3 — another easy way to help get your body back to burning stored fat more quickly is by performing high intensity interval training. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a workout that’s typically less than 20 minutes where you push yourself from 10-30 seconds and then recover with a lighter pace for 1-3 minutes. You continue this routine for up to 20 minutes. The goal with these workouts is to really push yourself during those 10-30 seconds…basically you want to feel like you’re going to die by the end of the intense interval…and then you’ll want to spend your full recovery at a much slower pace.

If you’ve used any of these suggestions to get back into ketosis, comment below and let me know how well they worked for you. But if these tips aren’t right for you, I still have 2 more suggestions that might be right…

Suggestion #4 — You can go for a fasted walk. If a HIIT workout isn’t your thing, I don’t want you to hurt yourself attempting this method. There is another way! Going for a fasted walk can really help ramp up fat burning ketones, so that’s one more trick you can try to help your body get back to fat storing mode.

My final suggestion, suggestion #5 — eat more fat. Of course you’re going to want to get back to cutting your carbs very low to get back into ketosis, but you’ll also want to eat more fat to help your body see enough nutritional fat is coming in, so it will let go of some of the stored fat on your body.

Now you have 5 easy suggestions to get back into ketosis after a cheat day. If you want even more tips about how to live your best keto life, check out my free guide. I give you the 5 best tips I used to lose more than 100 pounds. You can get that at I’ll also add the link below.

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OK, I’ll see you again next Tuesday with more helpful tips to help you stay on track with your low-carb or keto diet.

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