Not Digesting Fats Well on Keto – Chat the Fat Episode 2

Show Notes: Episode 2 Not Digesting Fat Well on Keto  

  • We began the episode by reviewing some of the signs of not digesting fat well
  • We talked more in depth about bloating, keto rash, acne, coffee enemas, constipation, gas & poop.
  • We reviewed how these symptoms can affect your progress on a keto diet and some steps you can take to improve these symptoms.
  • Next we reviewed what can lead to poor digestion of fat and how not digesting fat well can slow or even halt your keto progress.
  • We reviewed some of the supplements that can be helpful for hopeful ketoers to break down fat more efficiently.
  • Listener Question – What are your thoughts on fat bombs and how many can I eat each day?
  • Episode download – How to Make Fat Bombs. Take a sneak peek into our Keto Cooking Decoded course with this guide on how to make fat bombs.


Links for this episode:

Keto Mojo – our affiliate link for the meter with the lowest priced strips on the market

Download T.C.’s Constipation Kick It Naturally book for free

Keto Cooking Decoded Course

Episode Download: How to Make Fat Bombs

Supplements we talked about during episode: Beet Flow, Beatine HCL, Xeneplex

Coffee enema demonstration video (any favorite coffee enema videos to link to on You Tube?)

11 Parameter Dip Sticks on Amazon (affiliate link)

Almost Free Digestion Course

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