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Episode 2: Not Digesting Fat Well on Keto

Bonus Episode 2.5: Nissa’s Fat Digestion Saga

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Video Transcript:

Did you start keto with a bang? I mean a literal bang on the toilet because you find yourself running to the porcelain throne with urgent diarrhea? Watch this video to learn how to drastically improve some of the embarrassing side effects of keto, including diarrhea, gas, acne and itchy skin.

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If you recently started keto and now you find yourself chained to the toilet singing everyone’s favorite childhood song – diarrhea, cha, cha, cha, by the end of this video you’ll learn 3 tips about how to improve some of the undesirable symptoms that can come along with keto that none of us want to talk about out loud…or that leave us avoiding our families & friends because we just smell so bad!

Tip #1 – Ramp up fat more slowly

As I touched on in my last video, many of us lost the ability to process fat effectively when we dabbled in low fat or low calorie diets. If you’ve consistently taken medications to mask health symptoms, you’re in the same boat as those dieters! This means your bile is sludgy and adding the amount of fat you need to eat on a keto diet can result in diarrhea, loose stools, acne, itchy skin, nausea and even more unwanted side effects.

Many people need to eat a lot of fat in order to switch over to the fat burning state of ketosis, however, if you’re body isn’t processing that fat effectively, you will be miserable and this could even result in weight gain. If you’re having these symptoms, take your time with getting to the high levels of fat keto requires.

Tip #2 – Eat More Coconut Oil

Since we need to eat more healthy fats on a keto diet, coconut oil is the perfect solution. With 14 grams of mostly healthy saturated fats per tablespoon, but no carbs or protein to go along with that, it’s definitely a great option for keto.

It’s also one of the easiest fats for your body to digest…so if you’re having any of the digestive issues I’ve mentioned in this video, focus on getting more of this healthy fat into your plan. There are plenty of other reasons to love on some coconut oil, but coconut oil being so much easier for your body to digest than some other fats is one of the best reasons to go get that huge tub of Costco coconut oil right now!

Engagement: If you think you’re having trouble digesting fat on a high fat diet, leave a comment below. Let’s all talk about our really embarrassing problems on YouTube. Or you can just say hello so I know you’re watching…if sharing your embarrassing problems with a community of strangers isn’t your idea of a good time.

OK, I don’t think urgent diarrhea is anyone’s idea of a good time, so let’s get back to tip #3 about how to improve your undesirable keto symptoms.

Tip #3 – Use Beet Flow

I found this supplement after reading Kick Your Fat in the Nuts and taking the digestion course in 2014. It’s made up of beet greens and is amazing at restoring bile flow. Since I spent more than 20 years in the yo-yo diet industry where I also loaded up on medications to mask all of the health symptoms that led to, I needed a TON of help restoring my bile flow.

During those 20+ years I tried low-carb and keto diets many times and failed miserably each time. Once I took some steps to improve the way my body digested food, including healthy fats, keto became easy for me for the 1st time ever. I managed to lose more than 100 pounds and this is the 1st time in my life I ever kept that weight off!

I’ll add the links to find Beet Flow in the description of this video. Keep in mind, this is not the same supplement sold in stores called beetroot. I’ll also add the link to the digestion course and supplement instructions, but be sure to reach out to me if you have any questions on how this works.

I’m also going to add the link to episode 2 of Chat the Fat…because you can hear that too!! We released episode 2 last week with our initial launch and then another bonus episode later in the week! You can hear all of our episodes on your favorite podcasting platform and on YouTube, if you prefer to watch. With episodes 2 and 2.5, we dig much deeper into why you may not be digesting fat well on a keto plan, and the steps you can take to make this diet so much easier and more effective for you!

Basically we’re helping you cheat your way to better results! So be sure to tune in and let me know what you think in the comments.

Fat bombs can be an important tool to take advantage of on keto, so we also add our guide from our Keto Decoded Course to teach you how to make fat bombs. You can get that at I’ll also add the link in the comments.

Episode 3 is also available today. We interviewed the iconic Jimmy Moore, along with his wife, NTP Christine Moore. I recently listened to the episode again and I can’t believe how much amazing knowledge they both had to share!

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