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Did you recently start a keto diet and now you’re feeling dizzy and confused? A lot of people might become confused from all of this new info they’re learning, but today I’m talking about literally feeling dizzy after you cut out carbs. Watch this video to learn why you’re feeling dizzy on keto, and 3 big mistakes you’re making while trying to correct this problem. If you think you only need to add salt, you need to think again!

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If you’ve been too dizzy to even focus on which foods are keto, and which foods you should avoid, let’s talk about why you’re feeling dizzy on a keto diet and 3 ways you’re going about fixing this problem in all the wrong ways. Watch until the end of this video to learn how you can improve this enough so you can get back to focusing on what’s important – eating lots of delicious fat to help you get maximum results!

Mistake #1 – You’re peeing out electrolytes and not replenishing them

Yep, many people in the keto community have this one correct! The very day you begin to lower carbs to follow a keto diet, you start peeing out electrolytes in mass. Carbohydrates do as they say – they keep you hydrated by holding in electrolytes like sodium, magnesium and potassium. When you cut carbs, all of the minerals that were helping your body remain hydrated will be let go of, mostly through all of those trips you’re taking to the bathroom.

You need electrolytes for basic human functions. Many keto experts will advise that you just pour electrolytes straight down your throat to fix this problem up…but it’s not always that simple. Let’s get to mistake #2 so you can learn why this isn’t always the best way to improve this problem.

Mistake #2 – Your blood pressure was low before you began keto

If you went into keto with blood pressure that’s commonly lower than 113/73 at least 2 hours after meals, this could make it very difficult for you to follow keto long term. While everyone warns of the dangers of high blood pressure, low blood pressure can be just as bad.

Some of the symptoms associated with low blood pressure include: anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue and cravings. Yes, if you’re still having strong cravings for carbs on your keto diet, your low blood pressure could be to blame.

While adding electrolytes into your plan will raise blood pressure temporarily, this is only a quick fix. If your blood pressure has been low for sometime, you may need to aid your body with how you’re digesting food, so more minerals can be pulled out of the food you’re eating instead of just using the quick fix of downing a teaspoon of salt…because, yuck!

If you’re unsure about how to aid your body in food digestion, check out the digestion course at eatingfatisthenewskinny.com/digestion. It’s only 50 cents and you will learn so much about your body and how to have long term success with a low-carb, high-fat diet. I’ll add that link to the comments as well.

If you feel like you’re drowning yourself in electrolytes since you began keto, let me know in the comments below. Or…if you found a keto electrolyte supplement that works well for your plan, comment below to help out others who may be struggling with this lifestyle.

With that being said, some of you may protest in anger at the 3rd mistake you’re making when replenishing electrolytes on your keto diet.

Mistake #3 – You’re using a sugar free drink, like G2 or Powerade Zero to get necessary electrolytes

Many ketoers seek out a quick fix for their electrolyte woes. They learn on the keto message boards that they can get all of the electrolytes they need by gulping a tasty Powerade Zero. I mean, with sugar-free flavors like mixed berry, grape and fruit punch, who wouldn’t want to get their electrolytes in such a tasty manner?

You – that’s who!

The reason I don’t recommend drinks like this when following a keto plan is they’re filled with junk ingredients that will do nothing for your health. While I understand many people are following a keto diet for the weight loss benefits, we should also be focusing on the health benefits that come along with keto. When you work on maintaining a body that is balanced and healthy, that’s when the weight you lose will stay lost. Focussing on better health is the only true way to get off of the diet roller coaster for good.

Drinks like Powerade Zero contain ingredients like sucralose, acesulfame potassium and artificial colors. Not only are some of these ingredients shown to result in health side effects like headaches, depression and mental confusion, but they also provide your body with an insulin spike from the artificial sweeteners.

Insulin spikes are the enemy on a keto diet. Insulin spikes from empty artificial sweeteners are even worse because your body thinks nutrition is coming in, but it becomes confused when that nutrition never arrives.

I know this is a lot of information to take in all in one short video…and perhaps I just ruined your life by telling you to quit the artificially sweetened drinks. I have 20 years worth of knowledge of what not to do to back all of this up…so if you don’t believe me, then you may have to make these same mistakes for the next 20 years yourself to come to the same conclusions.

If you want to learn even more about how to help your body digest food better so you don’t have to constantly cram electrolytes down your throat, check out our new episode of Chat the Fat. We’re digging deep into low blood pressure and the steps you can take to improve this issue so keto becomes an easier lifestyle for you!

I tried low-carb and keto diets for more than 20 years and failed each time miserably because I had low blood pressure and didn’t even know it! Learn how I finally overcame this in today’s episode.

We even have a special download for you from our Keto Decoded Course about the steps you can take to avoid the dreaded keto flu. Dum, dum, dum. You can get that free download at chatthefat.com/episode4

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I’ll see you next Tuesday with a brand new video about protein in relation to your keto diet. Moderating your protein is only half the battle when it comes to keto, so stay tuned to learn how else protein could be hurting your success long term.

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