Low Carb vs Keto: Mistakes that Can Lead to Weight Gain

Week 6 – The Difference Between Low Carb & Keto

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Week 6 Video Transcript:

If you’re following a keto plan, but not getting the results you want, watch this video to learn why you may be confusing keto with a low carb approach and how this confusion can actually lead to weight gain!

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While many people confuse keto with low-carb, they’re not the same plan and continuing to confuse these plans can lead to weight gain. Watch this video until the end to learn 3 mistakes you’re making when it comes to viewing a low-carb and keto diet as the same thing.

Mistake #1 – Eating too many carbs + too much fat leads to weight gain

Most keto plans allow 20 grams of carbs or less each day. Very active people, or even  some people who are less insulin resistant, can get away with a few more carbs, with some successful ketoers even eating up to 50 grams each day.

If you’re eating any food you can find that’s labeled low-carb, but you’re not paying attention to the total grams of carbs where you find success, you could be combining  too many carbs with keto levels of fat.

Too many carbs + too much fat = weight gain.

Mistake #2 – Your body cannot digest the main fuel source you’re providing

If you’re body isn’t digesting fat well, skipping right from the standard American diet to keto means you won’t have a fuel source to function on since your body isn’t able to run off the sole fuel you’re providing.

We’ve talked about this in previous videos, but this is important, so let’s review! If you spent years lowering calories or focussing on “healthy” whole grains, this could have resulted in sludgy bile. If you have sludgy bile, your body won’t have the ability to digest fat very well. If you can’t digest the main fuel source you’re providing, you’ll end up with symptoms like urgent diarrhea, painful gas, explosive acne and itchy skin. It will also be difficult to lose weight if you can’t function off of the main fuel source you’re fueling up with.

If any of these symptoms describe your situation, definitely take the 50 cent digestion course at eatingfatisthenewskinny.com/digestion.

Before I get to mistake #3, let me know if you’re watching this because you’re not getting the results you want on keto…or if you’re just watching because you love receiving all of this amazing info about how your body works. I’m definitely part of the 2nd camp because I’m a proud health geek.

OK, let’s talk about

Mistake #3 – You’re following strict keto macros during the week and then following a low-carb plan on the weekends

If you’re following strict keto macros during the week and then letting your plan slide on the weekend by relaxing your plan too much with low-carb levels of carbs, this can get you into trouble for the same reason as mistake #1.

Too many carbs + too much fat = weight gain.

Our bodies don’t reset each day…so if you think it’s OK to eat strict keto during the week and then your body magically resets overnight so you can add more carbs on the weekends and then back to keto during the week, following this pattern can be a recipe for slow progress or even weight gain for some people.

I’m not here saying that this approach isn’t right for anyone…but if you’re not getting the results you want on a keto plan, yet this seems to be the approach you end up following, then it’s definitely not the right approach for you.

Pick a side – keto or low-carb, and stick with it to see if that helps you get the results you want.

Episode 6 of Chat the Fat drops today. We’re getting even further into the details of low-carb versus keto and how to determine which is the right plan for you to follow. We also have a checklist you can get to help you determine the right time for you to move from a low-carb diet to a keto diet.

Not everyone who is currently following a keto diet should be in order to get their best results, so definitely check out this checklist to help you figure out which plan will get you the best results. You can listen to the episode on your favorite podcasting app, check out the broadcast on Youtube or go to chatthefat.com. You can get that download at chatthefat.com/episode6.

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