Keto Isn’t Always Magical

Week 7 – Keto Isn’t Always Magical

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Week 7 Video Transcript:

Did you recently start keto and now you’re feeling irritable, anxious or depressed? Watch this video to learn why a keto plan isn’t the magic fix you’ve been searching for!

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If you’re following keto, but you can’t shake these new feelings of constant anxiety, sadness, or irritability, by the end of this video you’ll learn 3 reasons why keto might not be right for you right now and the steps you can take to make keto magical for you.

Reason #1 – You Have Low Blood Pressure

One of the reasons everyone in all of the keto land tells you to supplement with electrolytes on keto is because once you cut carbs, you start to pee out electrolytes, which in turn lowers blood pressure. This can be a great side effect on a keto plan for those who began with high blood pressure.

However, if you already had low blood pressure before you began keto and then you cut carbs even further, consistently having blood pressure that is too low can lead to anxiety or depression. The next time you’re feeling blue on keto, check your blood pressure. If it’s below 113/73 at least 2 hours after your last meal, you need to take steps to raise your blood pressure.

For some people, this can mean adding more electrolytes to their plan, while others need to take advanced steps to improve blood pressure enough to succeed on keto. I’ve helped many clients raise blood pressure on keto, and it helped change how they feel so drastically that they were finally able to get the results they wanted on keto.

Reason #2 – Your body isn’t processing fat well

If you spent years in the low-fat, low calorie diet world, like me, or even if you spent time masking health symptoms that come from low fat, low calorie diets with over the counter medications, like me, you may have thick & sticky bile. Thick & sticky bile is not your friend on a keto diet!

You need free flowing bile in order to process fats efficiently. If you have sludgy bile flow and then you start a high fat diet, that’s a diet that isn’t going to work out very well for you! Basically, when you go on keto you’re removing your fuel source of carbs. Now you’re attempting to survive on a fuel source your body doesn’t have the ability to function off of because it’s not processing the fuel you’re giving it efficiently. This can lead to feelings of irritability on your keto plan.

If you’re feeling irritable because you’re not digesting fat well, there are steps you can take to improve this! Our students who’ve put what they learned from the digestion course into action enjoy their keto plan way more than those who miserably suffer through the irritability, while also not getting the results they hope for because they can’t digest fat well on a high fat diet. If you’re eating a high fat diet to lose weight, you want to have the ability to process the fat you’re eating. You can find the 50 cent digestion course at

If you’ve felt irritable, anxious or depressed at any time since starting keto, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear the steps you took to help improve these issues or if you’re still dealing with them and you’re looking for answers.

Ok, let’s get to reason #3 you may be feeling depressed or anxious on keto. This reason is a big one that many keto dieters need to work to overcome!

Reason #3 – Your Mindset

If you go into keto with a mindset that you’re going to lower carbs and raise fats now, but only until you hit your goal, and then you have plans of returning to a life of junk food as soon as you hit your goal, you need to adjust your mindset on keto in order to find lasting success.

If you don’t look at keto like a lifestyle change, you’re going to feel sorry for yourself every time you see someone else enjoying a high carb treat that you’re not allowing yourself. This can lead to anxiety or depression over your keto plan because you’re viewing it as another diet your forcing upon yourself in order to force weight loss.

Trust me, I’ve been in that situation in the past and it’s HARD! I also never lasted very long on a keto plan with a mindset like this. Once I changed my mindset to keto becoming my lifestyle, and I took the time to figure out how to deal with my emotional response to carbs, that’s when I finally found lasting success with keto.

Now I’m not saying you have to strictly limit every carb you see forever, but you need to adjust your mindset from keto being another diet you’re forcing upon yourself to learning how to make keto into a lifestyle you love and you’re excited about.

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