Week 8 – Transition from SAD to Low Carb

Week 8 – Transition from SAD to Low Carb

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Episode 8 Video Transcript:

If you desperately want to find success on keto, but carbs keep sneaking their way back into your life, watch this video to learn 3 tips you can use RIGHT NOW to make the transition to low carb life much easier FOR YOU. This way, you’ll get lasting results!

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If you’re struggling to stick with keto, I struggled too! I white knuckled my way through low carb plans for 20 years before this lifestyle FINALLY stuck. Watch this entire video to learn 3 tips that changed my life. YOU can use these tips to fall in love with a low carb lifestyle, which means you can finally lose weight and keep it off for good!

Tip #1 – lower carbs per meal to 25 grams of carbs or less

Instead of forcing such a drastic change on your body right away by dropping all carbs all at once, start with a gradual shift. Lower the amount of carbs you eat IN EACH MEAL to 25 carbs or less. Eat fat and protein to satiation with this method.

When following a low carb plan, low to medium glycemic carbs, like sweet potatoes or berries, are ideal, but if you’re brand new and struggling, stick to whatever carbs you crave. Aim to improve your choices each week. Eventually you’ll get to the real, whole foods that are ideal for a keto plan.

I’ve watched so many clients have a miserable keto experience where they couldn’t stick to the plan because they forced a drastic change on their body. Once I talked them off the ledge and they allowed their bodies time to adjust, dropping carbs to a keto level became easier and more sustainable. You can follow this same approach to get the permanent results you want!

Tip #2 – Work to improve digestion

If you’ve been following along, this suggestion comes up a lot. While maybe you think you don’t care about digestion, you NEED TO CARE! Improving digestion may be the single most important factor holding your results back.

I attempted low carb plans for years with very little success. Once I took the digestion course and learned how to work with my body, low carb went from a diet I was forcing upon myself to an easy & enjoyable lifestyle. Results come much quicker once digestion functions as it should.

If you…you right there, watching this video, are not digesting the food you eat, any plan you choose – be it keto, paleo, carnivore, or any of the mainstream plans out there, you won’t find lasting results on any plan because the food you’re eating is rotting and fermenting instead of being broken down into fuel for your body.

Before I get to tip #3, let me know in the comments if you went straight from the standard American diet to keto…or if you took time to transition more slowly to a low carb plan first. We all have different success paths, so I’d love to hear about yours.

Ok, let’s get to

Tip #3 – Ramp up fat slowly

When you transition from the SAD diet to keto, not only will you shock your body by removing most carbs, but most people don’t realize how much fat they’ll have to eat at the beginning. It’s a pretty drastic difference, especially for those who’ve become accustomed to low calorie plans.

While how much fat to consume varies per person, and you’ll make adjustments along the way, start training your body to process fat more efficiently while following a low carb plan so it’s not such a shock to your body when you crank up the fat on keto.

This isn’t a license to eat too many carbs with too much fat, as that will lead to weight gain. Eat more fat, but don’t eat keto levels of fat while pursuing low carb.

In our Keto Decoded Course, we teach our students to ramp up fat slowly so they can ramp up success when they get to keto! With all of the success stories coming out of our Keto Decoded course… perhaps there’s a method to our madness!

If you’ve been creeping on the keto message boards, but you’re still unsure on how to begin your ultimate success story, this week’s Chat the Fat is coming to your rescue. I give all of the dirty details about how I FINALLY made a successful transition to low carb after decades of failure.

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I’ll see you next Wednesday to talk about keto myths. With keto being all the rage, there are MANY myths that won’t go away! Let’s talk about them next week.

I’ll see you next Wednesday with a brand new video about keto myths. Keto has become very mainstream, which means the myths surrounding keto are endless! Let’s talk about some of the most common myths next week!


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