Week 9 – Keto Myths

Week 9 – Keto Myths, Part 1

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Video 9 Transcript:

Are you following keto but not getting results? Maybe you believe some of the common myths that make keto less effective. Watch this video to learn 3 major keto myths that pop up everywhere, and halt results for our hopeful keto friends.

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Keto is popular because PEOPLE GET RESULTS! The more popular keto gets, the more myths emerge. Just because a strategy worked for one person doesn’t mean that strategy works for everyone! We’re all different, which means we all need to tweak keto to work for us.

If you closely monitor every calorie and carb that enters your mouth for keto success, watch this video to make keto SO MUCH EASIER FOR YOU!

Myth #1 – You must eat less than 20 grams of carbs to get into ketosis

While many keto hopefuls will find success by eating 20 grams of carbs on keto, 20 isn’t ALWAYS the magic number. Some people need to consume more carbs in order to feel sane on keto, while still getting results. Some people find success with less than 20 carbs. 20 isn’t the magic number that works for everyone – it’s a guideline of where to start, but that number often has to be tweaked for keto success.

If you don’t feel human while eating only 20 carbs each day, tweak that number to figure out where you feel good while also getting results.

The keto police aren’t real and they won’t hunt you down if you test out 30 grams of carbs while following keto. At least I don’t think they will. Some of the keto police on the message boards take this very seriously, so be careful who you talk to about testing your boundaries.

Myth #2You ONLY need to eat 20 grams of carbs to get into ketosis

Those who say you ONLY need to drop carbs to under 20 each day in order to get into ketosis are wrong. Very, very wrong. While only having to lower carbs to under 20 per day may be enough to get some people into ketosis, many others need additional steps to get into a fat burning state. Some of these steps include:

    • Eating more fat
    • Moderating protein intake
    • Focusing on other lifestyle factors like sleep & stress
    • Removing ingredients they’re sensitive to like dairy, nuts or sweeteners

There is no diet in existence that’s a one size fits all plan. Never assume just because you’re eating less than 20 grams of carbs each day that you’re automatically in ketosis. I had a client who took this word as gospel and was devastated that she wasn’t losing weight. Once we worked on other important factors in her life, she finally got the results she wanted after months of dropping carbs with no results.

If you follow this approach and you’re getting the results you want, that’s great! But if you only lower carbs, and you don’t experience results, dig deeper into other aspects beyond only cutting carbs.

Let’s chat about your magic number. Is 20 grams of carbs magical for you…or have you had to experiment and tweak keto? Let me know where you find success in the comments.

While I wait to hear from you, let’s talk about

Myth #3You must monitor calories to find keto success

Can calorie counting just die already? I counted calories unsuccessfully for more than 20 years. Trying to outwit your body by taking in less calories than you expend just doesn’t work in the real world – at least not for lasting results.

Sure, I always saw temporary results with counting calories…even while keto, but these temporary results were accompanied by diet misery, followed by weight regain.

Every. Single. Time.

Counting calories on keto can actually do more harm than good. I’ve seen student after student find success in our Keto Decoded course once they stopped counting calories and started listening to their bodies. If you’re purposely slashing calories on keto hoping for quicker results, you’re telling your body a famine is on the way. Your body will hold onto stored fat, no matter how perfect your low calorie keto macros are.

These are 3 of the 10 common keto myths we get into on Chat the Fat this week. Tune in so you can be sure you’re not falling for any of these sneaky keto myths.

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I’ll see you next Wednesday to talk more keto myths. Keto is HUGE right now, which means keto myths run rampant! Let’s talk about them next week!


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