Week 10 – Keto Myths Part 2

Week 10 – Keto Myths, Part 2

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Video 10 Transcript:

If you’re not finding smashing success on keto, you could be falling for myths that keep rearing their ugly head. Watch this video to learn 3 keto myths that are holding you back from your keto success story!

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Today I’m busting through 3 keto myths that won’t go away. Just because you find a fancy article or someone makes a claim with a flashy news headline, that doesn’t make their claim true. If you’re avoiding keto because you believe these myths, let’s talk about my real life experience after following keto for 5 years and how I’ve proven these myths false.

Myth #1 – People can’t stay on keto long term

Many experts warn you to avoid keto because it’s not sustainable long term. I just finished telling you I’ve been following a low carb, keto lifestyle since 2014. Not only have I found success, but this is the first time ever that I lost a substantial amount of weight that I haven’t gained back without constant struggle.

I’ve experienced improvement with countless health conditions I previously thought I was stuck with. If I listened to the experts telling everyone to avoid keto, I’d still have daily migraines, cystic acne, anxiety, depression and many more health conditions I no longer deal with. 

If you’re avoiding keto because some health guru tells you it’s not sustainable, my results tell a different story. 5 years of following a low carb lifestyle with so much success has been easily sustainable for me. I’m not a stand alone story either. I have many clients I began working with more than two years ago that improved similar health problems, lost substantial amounts of weight and still love their keto lifestyle because they took time to learn how to keto the right way! Now they have lasting success and so can you!

Myth #2 – Keto will make you break out since too much greasy fat results in acne

There is some truth to this myth we’ve all been told since Jr. High. If you’re consuming too much fat that you’re not able to break down effectively, then too much fat can result in acne. However, it’s not the fat in and of itself that’s causing breakouts – it’s the sludgy bile flow that can result from poor diet choices or too many medications over time. 

I had cystic acne for decades, and if you don’t know what cystic acne is, it’s the mother of all acne – the absolute worst acne out there. No over the counter medications, prescriptions or diet changes helped me until I removed foods that were sludging up my bile flow. I’m talking about “healthy whole grains” and other foods I no longer ate on a keto plan. I also added natural supplements to help thin bile. 

After suffering with horrible acne for more than 20 years, I haven’t had any form of a break out in more than 4 years…and I’ve also never eaten so much fat in my diet than in these past 4 years. 

Georgia recently came to me because keto wasn’t working for her. She wanted weight loss results, but I explained that her body wasn’t processing fat correctly on a high fat diet. I could tell this was the case because she had acne breakouts and she told me this was typical. Georgia cried actual tears because she finally learned how to get results with keto…but even better, she cried tears of joy knowing she could finally clear up her skin, which is a problem that can be worse than a few extra pounds for many people.

Some people’s acne will improve when they follow keto since they’re removing some of the problem foods that sludge up bile, like grains. Others will need to take the same steps Georgia and I took if their bile flow is thick & sticky. Go to eatingfatisthenewskinny.com/fixme to learn more about how you can work with your body to improve acne if simply following a keto diet isn’t working for you.

Myth #3 – Keto should be a diet high in dairy

There are many ketoers who believe just because dairy is low in carbs, that the only way to succeed on keto is by adding a lot of dairy.

Don’t get me wrong…gooey cheese and extra creamy bulletproof coffees are delicious – but they’re not absolutely necessary to succeed on keto. In fact, dairy is one of the biggest problem foods when it comes to weight loss stalls on keto. If you have gut health problems, removing dairy from your plan can help your results immensely. 

If you love cheese as much as I do, but it causes weight loss stalls or health issues like it does for me, then find suitable replacements for dairy. High fat coconut milk is a great option to replace heavy cream, and many people choose creamy avocados over cheese. 

I’m working with several students in our Keto Decoded course right now to find replacements for dairy. I’ve seen what they’re eating and their macros are spot on. It’s been amazing to see how removing this one food source has ramped up their results considerably.

If you have any other replacements for dairy, let me know in the comments below. Many ketoers will be grateful for our help since removing dairy is one of the biggest hurdles I see in keto weight loss stalls. 

Since SO MANY keto myths run rampant, we get into more keto myths on this week’s Chat the Fat. If you swear by the myths we talk about as truth, you could be stalling your results.

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I’ll see you next Wednesday to talk about diet obsession. Keto is complicated and it’s easy to get lost in the keto nuances. I’ll give you 3 strategies to avoid keto diet obsession!



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