Week 13 – Different Types of Fat & Which Are Best to Consume

Week 13 – Different Types of Fat

Video 13 Transcript:

Saturated fats almost killed me! Wait, what? You’re probably thinking – but I previously heard you state saturated fats are ideal for a keto diet…so which is it keto girl? Watch this video to learn how saturated fats almost killed me and how you can avoid the same fate! Dum, dum, dum.

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The myth that saturated fats are dangerous has been out there for a few decades now…but guess what, it’s been completely disproven! In fact, I eat a ton of saturated fat every single day via coconut oil, butter, red meat and more. My body & my health absolutely thrive on saturated fat. 

So when are saturated fats dangerous? And why did I proclaim they almost killed me?

Back in the days of low fat diets, I never could stick with low fat diets. I felt miserable with what was commonly recommended back then – ie, days with only up to 20 grams of fat each day. So even though I was told to eat low fat, I just couldn’t comply. I truly thought that was the reason I could never hit a goal weight & maintain any losses I did have. I blamed myself for my diet failures because that’s what we’re taught to do. 

Back then, I ate foods that were heavy in saturated fats, like butter and red meat, but the problem with saturated fats that I had was I was also eating all of the carbs as well because I was told I needed to eat “healthy whole grains” in order to find diet success. 

When you eat too much of any fat, mixed with too many carbs, that’s when this diet combo can become dangerous. It’s also when you will likely gain weight since your insulin spikes will remain high due to your carb intake, and your body will store the excess fat you’re eating in your fat stores. Your body takes what it needs for easy energy now – from the carbs you eat – and stores what you don’t need for later – from the fat you eat.

This becomes a lose-lose situation…and in some people, a downright dangerous situation because the fat they gain is most likely right around their belly, which is dangerous because then you have fat crowding your organs. This is what’s often referred to as dangerous visceral fat. 

When you eat butter on top of your red meat on a keto diet, and you continue to keep carbs low throughout the day, eating saturated fat in this context is not dangerous. Your insulin spikes stay low, and your body now has the ability to access it’s stored fat.

When you eat butter on top of your pancakes and add in a heaping dose of syrup, even if it’s the low calorie kind of syrup, this is when eating that butter can be dangerous for you. However, it’s not the butter’s fault…it’s mixing a diet that’s both higher in fat and higher in carbs together that creates the danger and can lead to weight gain in many people, even if you spend your life counting calories. 

Since I previously spent my life counting calories, while not being able to get down with low fat substitutions that are commonly recommended on these types of diet plans, basically when I mixed saturated fats with “healthy whole grains” on a daily basis in order to gain health & lose weight, that was actually a terrible plan to follow. In fact, weight that never stopped yo-yoing and the poor health I experienced daily should have been my first clue. 

Following this type of plan eventually led to diabetic fasting blood sugars. Did you know diabetes is currently the 7th leading cause of death in the United States? Can you then make the connection of how eating too much saturated fats mixed with too many carbs almost killed me? Scary, right?

Sadly it took decades of dealing with these clues that were so obviously spelled out to me before I learned the truth about saturated fats! Our brains and bodies thrive on sufficient saturated fats. Unfortunately the media and government agencies like the American Heart Association still do their best to confuse the public and scare everyone away from getting enough saturated fats into their day. 

They’re still proclaiming to the world, “whole grains – good, saturated fats – bad,” however, they never provide proper context along with their proclamations.

In this week’s episode of Chat the Fat, we dive into all of the nitty gritty of all of the fats and which types you should consume vs which types to avoid. What you learn in this week’s episode will probably shock you, so be sure to listen! If you’re following a high fat keto diet, you really need to fully understand which kind of fat will lead to your best results….so hurry up! Go listen right now!!!

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I’ll see you next Wednesday to talk about net carbs vs. total carbs. There’s a lot of confusion in the keto community about which carbs to count, so let me show you how we teach our Keto Decoded members to successfully navigate the keto waters when it comes to counting carbs next week. 

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