Week 17 – 50 Shades of Keto

Week 17 – 50 Shades of Keto

Video 17 Transcript:

Which Keto Diet Should You Choose? 

When you first start out on keto, you might be confused about where to start. Surely you’ve heard about lazy keto and that sounds super tempting! Losing weight on any plan starting with the word lazy sounds easy enough, right?

Then you dig deeper. The more you research, the more keto plans you find. 

There’s plans like cyclical keto, targeted keto, high protein keto, carnivore and even standard keto. What the heck? Keto was supposed to be all about eating delicious fat to lose weight, but once you started researching you realized it wasn’t so simple after all!

Which version of keto works best? And will you even lose weight if you choose the wrong keto approach?

All YOU want to do is eat fat and lose weight…not endlessly research which keto plan works best. What’s a girl who just wants to lose a few pounds for the love of all bacon and fat bombs to do?

Slow down. Take a deep breath. And let’s listen to a story instead. Stories always help me.

Before I began keto, or even a low carb plan, my diet was a mess. I’d basically alternate between long periods of restriction – which was mostly calorie restriction, but yes, sometimes that restriction also included restricting certain foods, like carbs. 

You know what other parts of my life were a mess when I followed all of this restriction? My physical health suffered big time, and even my mental health started to waiver since constant diets can really take a toll. And I followed this pattern for more than 20 years!

When I found keto, it wasn’t as easy as eat a lot of delicious fat and poof! Fat be gone! While many people make keto seem like the easy life, it can be a struggle when you first begin. 

In today’s video, let’s talk about where I started when I began, the mistakes I made and how you can make starting keto much easier for you! 

Before I began keto, I already lost 70 pounds by improving digestion and following a low carb plan. If you’re brand new to lowering your carbs, that’s definitely the place I recommend you start. If you’re confused about this, check out my book My Big Fat Life Transformation, where I walk you through the steps I took to change my life forever. You can find that at eatingfatisthenewskinny.com/books

Even though I was already finding major success just by reducing carbs, when I heard about the amazing results others were receiving on keto, I wanted to ramp up my results! I set out to lower my carbs from around 100 per day to less than 20. I also began to add even more healthy fats, like coconut oil, to my diet.

We all know how new weight loss plans go. We make a plan to start a new diet the week before, we binge on all of our favorite foods over the weekend and once Monday rolls around, we’re all gung ho on changing our lives forever! Then Tuesday comes and all of our well thought out plans have already fallen apart. 

Thankfully since eating low-carb was already a habit, this did not happen to me this time around. Pretty much for the 1st time in my life, I was able to stick with my chosen plan, and it was easy. While a low carb lifestyle was smooth sailing for me, the beginning of keto was not!

On my 1st day of keto, I had the best intentions of bacon & eggs & butter filling my plate. My very sick 1 year old had other intentions…like mommy holding him every second of the day for the entire 1st week of my new keto plan. This means all cooking was out the window and I had to figure out easy foods very low in carbs to eat that 1st week.

I ended up eating far too many sunflower seeds and way too much 85% dark chocolate that week because that’s pretty much the only food I had that I didn’t have to cook. 

While that’s not the best way to start out a keto diet, I did what I had to do and I made it work. Once I was able to put the baby down long enough to cook a meal, I was back to making bacon & eggs for breakfast, breadless sandwiches with mayo and cut up veggies for lunch and shell less tacos or chicken fajitas without the tortillas for dinner.

The whole point I’m trying to make here is I was not stuck in analysis paralysis when I began keto. I lowered my carbs to under 20 and then I ate enough protein and fat to feel good without stuffing myself. 

I didn’t obsess over which keto plan to choose and I didn’t carefully map out each and every macro I put into my mouth. This made learning how to keto the right way easier for me. Since I began seeing the results I wanted almost immediately, I stuck with it. I continued to eat meals very low in carbs and added more fat to meals to fill in hunger gaps. That’s it! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 

I also continued to learn more as I went along. I read articles from trusted sources and I listened to my favorite podcasts to learn even more info about how to improve results on my high fat diet. Most importantly, I didn’t stress myself out with having to plan out every detail of my diet on a daily basis. I kept it simple. If you’re just starting out on keto, that’s exactly what you should do – keep it simple. 

If you don’t see the results you want keeping it simple, you can add to your knowledge base as you go. But we all need to remember – we don’t need to get our keto diets perfect to see results…but we do need to get them going. If you stay stuck in analysis paralysis trying to figure out your best approach, you won’t see results anytime soon. 

Of course if you’re ready to begin learning about different keto plans right now without too much stress on your part, tune into this week’s Chat the Fat. I’m talking all about the different versions of keto and where you should start to get your best results!

If you’re a seasoned keto pro, but you’re running into roadblocks on your keto plan, definitely check out our free Troubleshooting Keto workshop. During the workshop we talk about several mistakes many of those following a keto plan make and how to optimize your results on keto by avoiding these common keto roadblocks.

We also introduce you to Alissa, who took the information we teach in the workshop and went on to lose 58 pounds, came off medications for heartburn, diabetes, and arthritis all in only a few short months! This is the power of having the right keto information and customizing it to fit your unique needs. You can register for the free workshop at chatthefat.com/workshop.

Find the ways we can connect below, and let’s connect!  

I’ll see you next Wednesday to talk more about how you can make the successful transition from low carb, or even from the standard American diet to keto. 


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