Week 23 – Intermittent Fasting Mistakes

Video 23 Transcript:

3 Big Mistakes You’re Making When It Comes to Intermittent Fasting

Are the mistakes you’re making while intermittent fasting costing you results?

Watch this video to learn 3 of the biggest mistakes people make with intermittent fasting and the easy tweaks you can make to your fasting routine to get amazing results!

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Many people are intimidated to begin an intermittent fasting routine because we’ve been taught our entire lives that we need to eat every 2-3 hours or else WE WILL DIE!

I know I’ve heard that same rumor that’s been spread far and wide by all of the big food companies for decades…and surely I’m not alone (show image of someone stuffing food in face)

Once people take the fasting leap, many of them never turn back since it’s so much easier to get weight loss results and see health improvements when you allow your body a chance to rest and heal when you’re not stuffing your face full of food ALL. DAY. LONG. 

An interesting concept, isn’t it? Losing weight by not constantly eating.

While using fasting as a technique for healing has been around for centuries, it’s becoming very popular these days as a weight loss method. And we all know what happens when something becomes popular in the mainstream – It gets all F”D up ( bleep out the word f’d)

Let’s talk about some of the biggest mistakes you’re making when it comes to intermittent fasting. Listen, it’s not your fault you’re making these mistakes…there’s a ton of bad info always floating around the mainstream. Just like Dr Phil says, once you know better, do better. And beyond that nugget of advice, maybe turn off Dr. Phil since he’s a big part of the mainstream that constantly spreads the wrong diet message.

Mistake #1 you’re making while fasting – You’re a dirty girl

If you just smelled your pits, no I’m not telling you to take a shower. Although intermittent fasting can lead to your body detoxing all of the junk you’ve eaten over the years…so perhaps a shower might not be a bad idea. Just wait until this video is over so you can get better results with fasting. 

When I called you a dirty girl, I meant you’re eating small bites of food throughout the day or you’re adding cream or sweeteners to your coffee. And if you’re a dirty boy, that doesn’t mean you can get away with this type of cheating while fasting either. 

You’re going to get your best fasting results when you don’t cheat. Makes sense, right? 

The problem is, a lot of people don’t realize they’re cheating on their fast when they add stevia or a splash of heavy cream to their morning coffee because so many fasting “experts” tell them dirty fasting is OK. 

While you may see some results with dirty fasting, you’re making life way harder than it needs to be! Adding anything to your drinks while fasting will spike your insulin…and once your insulin is spiked, your body expects food. If you don’t provide what your body has become accustomed to receiving YOU WILL DIE.

Again with the drama. No, you won’t die…but you will get very hungry and probably cave on your fast. This could also send your body back into fat storing mode because it’s expecting food to come in. And by consuming just a little bit of food or sweetener that spikes your insulin, you’re telling your body a famine has arrived since you’re not providing your body the nutrition it was expecting from the insulin spike you just gave it. 

Poof – you’re back in fat storing mode even while eating less calories. Just more proof that calories in vs. calories out is a big crock of **** (bleep out ****)

Mistake #2 you’re making while fasting is  you’re restricting calories during your feasting window

We just talked about withholding nutrients your body is desperately seeking in the last tip…you haven’t corrected this HUGE fasting mistake yet? Sheesh – no wonder you’re not seeing results with intermittent fasting!

OK…slow down. I’m joking. All of the stress of trying to correct all of your mistakes all at once is going to raise your cortisol and throw you right back into fat storing mode!

But our last tip of dirty girl fasting does bring us nicely into this tip – which is purposefully restricting calories during your feasting window.

Listen – there are 2 big components when it comes to a fasting plan. Dr Jason Fung says it best – We fast when we fast and we feast when we feast. 

You obviously aren’t getting his brilliant message because you’re still trying to count calories during your feasting window. You’re purposefully withholding nutrients your body desperately needs because you can’t get the notion of calories in vs calories out out of your head. 

And like most dieters, you assume restricting more calories will lead to more results. I just told you counting calories is a crock of *** and I meant it! (bleep out ****) Also, all of that restriction is still going to send you into fat burning mode for the same reason – your body thinks it’s in a famine and it will hold onto your stored fat for dear life. 

Don’t hear me wrong here – I’m not telling you to shove everything you can find into your face because it’s your feasting window. Eating past satiation will never get you the results you want. But don’t purposefully starve yourself during your feasting window because some other mainstream guru keeps telling you it’s all about the calories.

It’s not. That’s been proven wrong time and again. The expert who’s still telling you it’s all about the calories probably even knows it’s not…she’s just too much of a bully to publicly admit she was wrong. 

Your body is an amazing machine. You need to allow it to do it’s job properly by listening to your satiety signals. Your body will release hormones to make you feel full when you’ve eaten enough. If you keep restricting calories during your feast, this is guaranteed to backfire. 

The 3rd mistake you’re making while fasting is you’re eating too much junk during your feasting window.

So I just told you not to restrict food during your feasting window and now I’m telling you to restrict food during your feasting window. But that’s only because you’re eating too much junk food.

Your fasting window was a great time for your body to detoxify and heal…but if you go into your feasting window with a big old plate of junk food because you feel deprived from not eating for an extended time, you’re only providing your body with more junk it will need to detoxify and heal from. You’re perpetuating an exhausting cycle because some other “fasting expert” told you that you can eat whatever you want during your feasting window. 

Now I’m not saying all of your meals need to consist of all of the vegetables so you can fill your body with nutrients…but breaking your fast with an ice cream sandwich, following that up with half a bag of doritos and then ending your fast with a salami sandwich and the rest of the family sized bag of doritos will not get you the fasting results you want. 

You’re going to feel like crap because all you’re eating is crap.

Quit perpetuating this cycle of feeling like junk from eating junk by eating real, whole foods during your feasting window. Nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to be healthy. 

In fact, when you establish a fasting routine it’s even more important to nourish your body with nutrient dense, whole foods. When you’re in the fasted state, your body breaks down damaged components and uses them for energy.

While fasting, you’re cleaning and healing your body. This results in your body becoming more sensitive to what you’re eating while feasting. If you’re eating food filled with nutrients to nourish your body, then you’ll speed up the healing process. If you’re eating food filled with chemicals and junk, you’re just going to feel hungry all of the time and continue the cycle of craving more junk. 

To sum it up, 3 big mistakes you’re making while intermittent fasting include: 

  • You’re fasting dirty
  • You’re purposefully restricting calories
  • You’re eating too much junk

Those are only 3 of the big mistakes you’re making while intermittent fasting. If you want to hear even more mistakes you’re making, leave a comment below. 

While many people view intermittent fasting as simply periods where you eat and periods where you don’t eat, there’s way more to following an optimal intermittent fasting plan.

In fact, we have an entire course about Intermittent Fasting in our Keto Decoded Membership because there’s just so much to learn! (add address to keto decoded to screen: Join Now! eatingfatisthenewskinny.com/kd) But learning the right info about intermittent fasting can lead to BIG results like our Keto Decoded Member Suzanne who lost 70 lbs in just over a year. (show Suzanne’s before/after photo) She keeps learning more about how to get the best results for her own body, and her results just keep coming!

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OK…I’ll see you next Wednesday where I’m going to talk about how to live an easier keto lifestyle when the rest of your family doesn’t want to change their ways! I have tips to make cooking a breeze, even if your family still eats all the carbs!


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