Week 24 – Keto Up Your Family’s Lifestyle

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Episode 24 – 3 Tricks to Keto Up Your Family’s lifestyle

You finally made the decision to take charge of your health and you’re ready to live a keto lifestyle! You cleared your pantry, shopped for keto friendly foods and you’re ready to whip up some delicious keto meals that will improve your health AND result in weight loss. Finally…a plan where you get to eat AND lose weight. It’s a keto miracle. 

You’re so excited to eat all of these delicious fat-filled meals because keto is the best plan EVER!

Except…your family refuses to take the keto leap with you. 

Even though they can improve their health through keto as well, they have all of the excuses. The don’t need to lose weight (they probably do), their health is just fine (it could use improvement), and they love carbs way too much (don’t we all).

Now you’re stuck in this place where you really want to follow through on your keto commitment…but you don’t want to make several different meals each day because you have a family who refuses to get on board! What’s a poor lost keto wannabe to do?

You can watch this video to learn 3 tips on how to live your best keto life while also not becoming a short order cook. Hopefully witnessing all of the health improvements you’re going to experience will eventually lead your family to the real food side of life…but until then, here’s how you can make keto work without constantly cooking different meals for everyone!

Tip #1 – Decide on meal basics that everyone can enjoy. These will typically include a meat and a veggie side. There’s nothing too strange about eating a meat and veggie at most meals, so start there. 

Since keto is basically just a real food diet, it’s actually not all that hard to cook healthier meals for everyone and just add on another side option of carbs if necessary for your family. 

If you don’t currently plan your meals with a base of a meat and a veggie side, now is a good time to start. This will help YOU stick to your keto diet, and it will change your family’s health for the better as well. 

You can add lots of healthy fats to the veggies to make them delicious. If your family refuses to eat veggies because they’re used to boring vegetables without flavor, adding healthy fats will not only help your low carb veggie sides taste better, but you’ll also absorb the fat soluble vitamins in the veggies better as well. 

Once you have the base of your meal down, all you need to do to keto up your meal is add more fats. You can do this by topping meats and veggies with butter, a high fat sauce, or even coconut oil. If you still don’t get enough fat to feel satiated, end the meal with a delicious fat bomb. 

Just be sure to avoid the carby side option you added for your family. You made the commitment to change your health through a keto lifestyle – but if you’re cheating every night by sampling the carb filled sides you made, you won’t get very far. 

You’ll also continue to crave these processed carbs because everytime you take a bite, you’re reminding your body of how easy that energy fix is since processed carbs are the easiest place to get a quick burst of energy. 

Tip #2 – Even if your family is resistant to live a keto lifestyle, you can still help them out by providing a real food based diet. This means you can slowly begin switching out their processed carb favorites for lower carb and real food alternatives you make at home. 

This change won’t happen overnight, but if you’re persistent, it’s a change that can benefit your entire family over time. 

A few options include making zoodles – which are noodles made from vegetables like zucchini instead of pasta noodles, using baked cheese chips or baked cheese shells in place of processed versions, baked goods made from almond and coconut flour instead of regular flour and desserts made from heavy cream, like keto ice cream and keto whipped cream. 

Of course too many carbs plus too much fat will lead to weight gain, so you want to be sure your family is cutting back on the processed carbs when adding these higher fat alternatives to their day. That doesn’t mean they need to eat less than 20 carbs each day…but they will need to eat less carbs when adding more healthy fats to their day.

Healthy fats are important for our bodies to function, as well as for optimal brain health, so even if your family isn’t keto, getting enough healthy fats is still a requirement for improved health. 

And if you’re thinking, “My family won’t eat these low carb alternatives because they’re addicted to junk!” All you can do at this point is keep trying and set a good example. Slowly make these swaps. Eventually they’ll be eating more real foods out of habit, and they probably won’t even notice they’re eating less junk carbs.

Tip #3 – Fat is delicious…use it to your advantage!

Many of the new keto meals you’ll make taste amazing. Because you’re using real food that your body can recognize and understands how to break down, your body will soon recognize the value of these real food options and it will start to crave them.

The same can be true for your reluctant family. Use all of the delicious fats to flavor up your meals and show them just how delicious real food can be!

For instance, instead of making plain scrambled eggs, add plenty of fats to make your eggs satiating and delicious. When I make eggs, I cook them in butter, mix in a tablespoon of heavy cream, add a small handful of shredded cheese, and top them off with even more butter. Even my extremely picky 5 year old loves this recipe!

If you add a side of bacon or sausage to this, your family probably won’t even miss the side of pancakes you “forgot to make” because they have so much delicious fat to keep them satiated. And shhh, don’t tell them…but they just ate a completely legal keto meal. 

If your family starts their day off right with a low carb, fat filled breakfast like this, they’ll reach for less junk throughout the day because they’re going to feel satiated all morning long. This might make the meals you make later in the day seem more appetizing to them as well. 

Let’s review how you can live your best keto lifestyle, even if your family is reluctant to come along on the journey:

Tip #1 – Start your meal with a meat and veggie base. Add more healthy fats to your meal, while adding a carby side for your family. Whenever possible, make that carby side a real food option. 

Tip #2 – Wean your family off of the junk they’ve become accustomed to by providing more real foods at meal times. Even if they’re higher carb real food choices, that’s still better than the processed junk most people eat.

Tip #3 – Fat is delicious! Loading your meals up with healthy fats like cream, cheese, avocados and more will show your family just how delicious keto can be! Soon enough they’ll want to eat more real food meals instead of processed junk their bodies don’t know what to do with.

Hopefully these tips help make living a keto lifestyle easier for you. If you want to learn even more tips, check out episode 24 of Chat the Fat. We interview keto expert Jessica Tye. She uses her keto lifestyle to improve the health of her entire family…and she’s got 5 kids…so she definitely has a few keto tricks up her sleeve that you’ll want to learn!

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I’ll see you next Wednesday where I’m going to talk about one of my first coaching client’s Alissa and her amazing keto success story. Alissa lost 58 lbs and came off of medications she took for years in only a few months. You definitely don’t want to miss her inspirational story!

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