Week 25 – Alissa’s Amazing Keto Success Story

Video 25 Transcript:

Episode 25 – 3 things Alissa did right in order to lose 58 lbs and drastically improve her health on Keto

Alissa lost 58 lbs, reversed her type 2 diabetes, non-alcholic fatty liver and came off of several other medications for health problems she experienced for years in only a few short months. Watch today’s video to learn exactly what she did to have such amazing progress in a relatively short amount of time. 

Alissa is a 43 year old mother of five who encourages new parents by helping them care for their newborn baby. These days she also leads and encourages many others to live a successful keto lifestyle in her own keto Group – Coffee, Christ and Ketones. This is because she lost 58 lbs over 2 years ago by learning how to live a successful keto lifestyle and now she wants to spread the message to others.

In this week’s Chat the Fat, I get Alissa’s full story, including her dieting missteps prior to our work together when she first found keto. We also talk about why she had so much keto success that finally got her out of yo-yo diets for good and got her into a lifestyle she loves and is finally able to maintain. 

Some of the success Alissa had with keto extends far beyond only weight loss. If you’ve taken our free Over Coming Keto Roadblocks Workshop, then you probably already know some of the health problems Alissa was quickly able to reverse by following a real food keto diet. Some of these include:

  • Reversing non-alcoholic fatty liver
  • Coming off of bi-weekly humeria injections for arthritis
  • Coming off of medications for type 2 diabetes since her A1C went from a diabetic level to a completely normal level.
  • No longer requiring daily medication for heartburn
  • And much more

I began working one-on-one with Alissa over 2 years ago when she first stumbled across keto. Since then she lost 58 pounds and drastically improved her health in only a matter of a few months because she quickly learned the right steps to take for HER body.

While every successful ketoer has her own story to tell, today I want to talk about 3 things Alissa did right RIGHT from the start in order to experience amazing results. If you’re looking for similar results, I hope you find inspiration through her story and the motivation you need to form a keto lifestyle that’s tailored to fit your specific needs.

The 1st thing Alissa did right RIGHT from the start was she skipped past all of the bad advice on the keto message boards and began working with a coach right away. 

Whether you’re brand new to keto, or even a seasoned pro, you know what I’m talking about here. Every Keto Tom, Dick and Harry that’s had even modest keto success wants everyone else to follow exactly what he did to lose a few pounds with keto. In fact, if you’re a poor lost soul still following random advice on those message boards, you will be berated and scolded until you do what they say because to many who follow keto like it’s a religion will tell you THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

The problem with this – we’re all different people with different chemistries – therefore we all require different approaches! This means we all need to learn the right keto plan that is specific to fit our needs.

With all of the random advice that’s out there, it’s so easy to get confused, become overwhelmed and completely give up on keto before you even get started. 

Not to toot my own horn, but Alissa started out keto the right way – by finding a coach to work with her in order to figure out a keto plan that fit her needs. Instead of testing out different methods that would only confuse her and lead to poor results, she skipped over the keto bullies and into a plan that was right for her needs. 

In fact, that’s exactly the reason we created our Keto Decoded Membership – because we want you to learn the right information that’s specific to YOUR situation. Now we have courses in the membership that do exactly that – they help you figure out a keto lifestyle to fit YOUR needs so you get results now…instead of some random keto joe blow screaming “There can only be one way!”

The 2nd thing Alissa did right RIGHT from the start is she made the switch to real foods right away. 

When I interviewed Alissa, I was quite impressed she was able to make the switch to real foods right away. While keto by nature is a real food diet and that’s why so many of us who follow a ketogenic lifestyle get magical results, it still takes many dieters who’ve become accustomed to living on processed foods some time to make the switch to mostly real foods.

For me personally, even when I began keto, I was still addicted to processed “keto friendly” foods. Of course now I understand many of those foods aren’t really keto friendly at all and they were slowing or stalling my results all together, but when I first began keto I wasn’t ready to make the jump from eating mostly processed foods to eating all real foods.

My personal transition was a slower approach where I began to make changes by switching over from high sugar processed foods to foods that were still highly processed, but just contained less real sugar and carbs and instead used keto friendly sweeteners and more fat to replace some of the carbs.

While many can still see results with “keto friendly” processed foods, most people will feel better and see far better results once they ditch these types of foods all together, or only save them for special occasions. 

If you’re at a place where you can ditch the majority of processed foods, even if they’re low carb processed foods, and replace those with real foods like Alissa did at the start, follow her lead. You will see much better results when you focus on a real foods on your keto plan.

The 3rd thing Alissa did right RIGHT from the start that helped with her amazing results on keto is she took the steps to improve the way her body digested food. Many in the keto community are starting to teach this to their followers because it’s such an important step to follow for so many people. This is especially true if you’ve spent years battling your weight or taking medications to mask health symptoms. 

When Alissa began keto, she was taking XX daily for heartburn. Unlike antacid companies lead you to believe, most heartburn is caused by too little stomach acid. When you take antacids that further reduce stomach acid, this can create even more problems, especially when it comes to digesting the protein you need to successfully follow a keto diet. 

Alissa took the digestion course and realized right away she needed to build up her stomach acid with a HCL supplement instead of reducing it with XX. After following the steps she learned in the 50 cent digestion course, she was able to come off of an acid reducer she took for years! She was also better able to digest the protein she ate on keto, which makes the plan so much easier to follow. 

If you’re not sure if digestive supplements will help make following keto easier for you, I definitely recommend taking the 50 cents digestion course. You will learn so much to make keto a much easier plan for you to follow long term. 

When you’re able to turn keto into a lifestyle because you provide your body the ability to break down the food you eat, that’s when you’ll find easy and sustainable results. You can find that digestion course at eatingfatisthenewskinny.com/fixme.

Let’s quickly review 3 things Alissa did right on her keto plan to get amazing results in a short amount of time:

#1 – She skipped past the confusing keto message boards and enlisted help in order to get the right keto info to fit her needs

#2 – She skipped right past keto friendly processed foods and ate mostly real food instead

#3 – She educated herself about digestion and took steps to improve her digestion to make keto a much easier lifestyle to follow

If you’re new to keto or if you’re struggling on your keto plan, hopefully the things Alissa did right can help provide you clues for which steps to take next. Be sure to tune into episode 25 of Chat the Fat to hear Alissa’s full story. 

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I’ll see you next Wednesday to talk about some popular weght loss advice that’s stalling your results in a major way!





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