Week 26 – Bad Mainstream Advice

Video 26 Transcript:

3 Worst Mainstream Pieces of Diet Advice

I recently listened to a podcast from another woman who lost over 100 lbs. Shout out to my 100 lb weight lost sista! As another woman who’s also lost over 100 lbs, we have things in common. 

On the podcast she talked about the 3 worst pieces of diet advice she hears. Once I paid attention to her top 3 worst dieting advice list, I realized we have at much less in common than I thought. 

While she’s an inspiration to many and surely she’s helped plenty of woman break through some of their biggest mental blocks to make weight loss a reality, her advice is absolutely wrong!

Basically she should have titled the podcast – I hate keto…because while she did talk about a few other aspects wrong with current diet advice, the main focus of the podcast was on removing an entire food group – aka, what we’ve come to know as “healthy whole grains.” aka, Keto public enemy #1 – carbs!

Stay tuned to learn 3 big reasons she’s wrong and why some people MUST drastically reduce carbs in order to find the sustainable weight loss success they want!

Reason #1 – She said people don’t get fat from eating bananas

During the podcast, our friend went on and on about how bananas don’t make people fat. Even though I’ve transformed my lifestyle into a ketogenic lifestyle, I’m going to agree with her and conceed that if most people grew up eating real food diets filled with choices like meats, vegetables, healthy fats and and yes, even bananas, that’s not likely why they’re struggling to lose weight. But then again, people who grew up eating balanced real food diets probably aren’t the same people watching this video right now because they’re struggling with weight loss. 

If you grew up eating a balanced diet filled with only real foods and you’ve struggled your entire life with yo-yoing weight, please set me straight in the comments. 

The problem here is most of us who got stuck in a cycle of yo-yo diets didn’t grow up eating real food diets filled with mostly meats, veggies, healthy fats and bananas. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, we were told to eat low fat processed foods that really aren’t foods at all. We began combining these “non-food” choices with low-fat fruit like bananas, while also cutting back on healthy fats and proteins our bodies need to function optimally, which caused us to become very insulin sensitive. 

When we tried to cut out the junk food – choices like fast food or other foods filled with less than ideal fats and excess carbs, it was essentially too late for us – our bodies were broken! 

Yes, for some people, eating a balanced diet of proteins, carbs and fats will work very well. But those aren’t the people who’ve becomes extremely insulin sensitive from too many years of failed dieting attempts. These people need to allow their insulin sensitivity to heal by cutting back on the foods that cause the biggest insulin spikes…like bananas.

Most people watching this understand that insulin spikes are caused by sugar. Do you know what bananas are primarily made up of? That’s right – sugar. Sure, it’s a natural sugar, but the XX grams of sugar found in a banana that doesn’t even have fat or protein to slow that insulin spike down won’t help people who are insulin sensitive just because it’s a sugar that’s found in nature. 

If you happen to love bananas as much as our popular podcast host, I’m not saying bananas are off limits forever…but until you take time to lower your carb intake long enough for your insulin to heal, yes, keeping bananas in your diet will in fact make you fat. 

Bad Diet Advice #2 – Your Problem Is Your Mindset 

The host of this podcast stated many times throughout the podcast that you don’t need to cut out an entire food group, you simply need to change the way you think about food. 

So, basically she’s saying if I just change my thought process and I think about a “healthy choice” like a banana, I can think away the insulin spike that results in fat storage? 

Who knew weight loss could be as easy as changing the way you think about bananas?  

Wait, no it’s not – it’s freaking science! Insulin spiking foods in individuals who are extremely insulin resistant is science. Thinking about food differently isn’t going to change the fact that eating that banana is going to cause a high insulin spike, which is going to send your body back into fat storing mode. 

Yes, I agree that changing your mindset around food is important… but what’s even more imortant than just changing the way you think about food is actually eating the foods that are right for YOUR body that are going to get YOU results. 

The foods that are going to put people who are very insulin resistant back in fat burning mode aren’t foods with XX grams of sugar that don’t even have any fat or protein to slow the insulin spikes down. 

Also, if you’re in a place where you’re so freaking hungry all day long because your body constantly needs more glucose all day long because it’s unable to tap into stored fat since you’re eating so many bananas, all you’re going to think about is food. It’s hard to change your mindset around food when all you can do is think about food! 

And this thinking about food all day long…. It’s not even something you can control – it’s physiology! Your body needs fuel. Once you run out of glucose to burn, your body needs more fuel and you’re going to start thinking about your next carb quick fix. 

If you quit eating bananas and stick with eating low carb foods that help your body tap into it’s fat stores, the mindset adjustment comes naturally because your brain doesn’t think you’re going to starve if you don’t get more carbs immediately. Eating foods that allow you to keep insulin spikes low will help your body tap into fat stores, which means you won’t think about food ALL DAY LONG. 

Trust me – I yo-yo dieted for over 20 years before I found the strategies I needed to lose more than 100 lbs and keep that weight off. Prior to finding keto and intermittent fasting, no matter what mindset I had about food, I can guarantee I was always thinking about food because I was sticking to the “healthy whole grains and fruits” and my body was constantly searching for more of this type of fuel to burn. 

Since I was never allowing my insulin to come down long enough to heal, my body could not tap into it’s store fat. 

And this leads me to 

Bad Diet Advice #3 – You Should Eat Less Times Per Day

Our popular podcast host talked about how we’re all eating too many times each day. She said back in her grandmother’s day, they only ate 2 big meals each day…and then once big food companies came on the scene with all of the low-fat snack foods, we were encouraged to eat 6 times per day.

Eating only 2 meals each day sounds a lot like intermittent fasting to me. Finally, this sounds like something I can get behind!

The problem I find with her advice is she’s telling people to eat what makes them happy in those 2 big meals each day. And I’m sure we can all agree that delicious carbs like bread and other sugars make us happy. Again – it’s science. Sugar spikes increase dopamine and we get happy when we eat sugar – whether it’s in the form of candy or even sugar in the form of bananas or bread. 

While the sugar increases dopamine, it also increases insulin and blood sugar. Now the problem is your blood sugar is going to crash when you’re eating too many carbs for your insulin to respond in time and you’re going to feel hungry. Suddenly those 2 big meals you eat aren’t going to be enough because your mind will go back to thinking about food because the insulin spike made you FREAKING HUNGRY. 

When you eat two big meals and then you need to add more snacks on later in the day, eventually you’re going to eat more than you need and that food is going to be stored as fat. This means you’re going to stay hungry and continue to gain weight even though it was your intention to only eat 2 meals each day as she advised. 

Having the intention to eat only 2 meals each day but eating enough carbs to make you hungry enough to eat 6 times each day is another strategy for failure. 

I know our popular podcast friend’s intentions aren’t intended to hold people back, but not lowering carbs can be a recipe for disaster for some dieters…especially those who’ve struggled most of their lives with weight loss.

So while bananas and the others points she made on her podcast might not make someone with a health metabolism fat, bananas made me fat…and it took much more than a mindset change to get me out of yo-yo diets for good.

Be sure to come back next Wednesday to learn more of the same tips that helped me lose 100 lbs and get out of the yo-yo dieting cycle for good! None of them involve eating bananas.


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