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Intermittent Fasting & Keto – 3 reasons combining these plans can supercharge your results

For decades the weight loss industry has boasted of amazing weight loss plans to supercharge your weight loss results. They try to sell you magic fat burning pills & potions, strict boxed food plans to meticulously follow and gym memberships where you need to devote your every waking moment to see any results at all. Unfortunately most of those plans left you confused, starving and you already gained back all of the weight you lost. Plus 10 lbs.

So what if I told you there was an easier way to supercharge your weight loss results? Would you believe me?

I’ve been through ALL of the starvation plans where maybe I had some initial results, but in the end, these plans only led to weight gain, so I understand your skepticism. A few years back I stumbled upon the amazing benefits of combining a low carb, high fat keto diet with intermittent fasting – and holy weight loss supercharge Batman!

Watch this video to learn 3 reasons combining Keto & intermittent fasting can supercharge your weight loss results. I lost over 100 lbs by combining these two plans. Not only was losing more than 100 lbs much easier than any other plan I’ve tried, but it’s been 2 and a half years and I haven’t gained that weight back. How many others out there can make the same claim? 

Not very many. That’s the answer not very many. Well, except of course those who follow a proper keto & intermittent fasting regimen…then that number goes way up. So keep watching – I want you to fall into the less than 5% of people who keep a large amount of weight off once they lose it…like me!

Listen, there’s a lot of people out there selling dreams that the beauty of following an intermittent fasting plan is you can eat anything you’d like during your eating window. I tend to disagree. While this “eat anything you want as long as you only eat it in a short window” can and does work for some people, I’m going to use this video to explain 3 reasons you should follow a low carb, high fat diet when adding intermittent fasting to your routine for supercharged results that last!

Reason #1 – Adding intermittent fasting to keto can be an easier adjustment for most people since so many people report less hunger while following a keto lifestyle. 

The reason you may feel less hunger while following keto is because you’re now eating a proper diet for your hormones instead of following a calories in, calories out approach that’s filled with insulin spikes. These big insulin spikes lead to less than stellar results and to fasts that are hard to stick with because you’re so freaking hungry. 

Once your hormones begin to regulate through a real food plan that’s low in carbs and high in healthy fats, your appetite begins to regulate. This means you feel less hunger throughout the day than you did while eating a diet that’s much higher in carbs.

One hormone than begins to regulate is insulin. Keeping carbs very low will help your insulin spikes stay lower when you do eat. This means your body will be back to fat burning mode as soon as the insulin spike you had normalizes. When your body has the ability to tap into its stored fat like that, it will stop searching for more glucose to come in and instead it will feast on your fat stores. That’s a double win – less hunger & more time burning body fat!

If you’re still eating a standard diet high in carbs during your feasting window, it will take your body much longer to get back into that fat burning mode. This means you’ll be hungrier and your intermittent fasting plan will be less effective than if you combined it with a keto diet. 

Reason #2 – If you attempt to follow an intermittent fasting routine when you’re not already fat adapted, this can lead to stressing your body out. In case you haven’t heard yet, stress is a key factor when it comes to weight gain. Once again we can blame this on hormones. 

In this instance, we’re going to blame our weight gain on the hormone cortisol. 

Back in the caveman days, intermittent fasting was pretty much a way of life. Our ancestors fasted when they didn’t have food available, and they feasted when they made their latest kill. As you can imagine, even though fasting was a typical part of life back then, it’s still stressful to the body. 

It’s hard to imagine now with a fast food restaurant around every corner, but think about how stressful it must have been not knowing when your next meal would arrive? It could be hours…days…or even weeks. 

What I’m getting at with this analogy is even though intermittent fasting was normal back then, that doesn’t make it any less stressful to the body. And when you’re adding a bigger cortisol spike on top of this stressor, that could be enough to land you in fat burning jail since your body will focus on dealing with the cortisol spike over burning stored fat. 

Our caveman friends bodies were obviously fat adapted since they were able to go days or even weeks without any food. Plus, when they did feast, it was mostly meat, with occasional berries thrown in. 

In this carb filled world we live in, most of us aren’t anywhere near fat adapted. This means once we empty our glucose tank, our bodies want more glucose to provide a quick & easy fuel source for daily tasks. 

When you eat a keto diet during your intermittent fasting feasting windows, you’re teaching your body to become fat adapted by keeping insulin spikes low. If you’re still eating all of the carbs while intermittent fasting, this isn’t the case.

Attempting longer periods of intermittent fasting while not being fat adapted is going to cause more stress to your body on top of the stress you’re already causing by withholding food. 

Sure, eventually some people can become fat adapted simply through the process of fasting for long periods everyday – but who knows how much stress you’ll put your body through to get to that point…and how long you’ll even be able to keep up your fasting routine when you’re dealing with the stress of feeling hunger for so long. 

Reason #3 – The 3rd reason you should combine keto with intermittent fasting is if you’re insulin resistant, which a large part of our population is, eating the standard American diet filled with carbs can lead to a higher insulin spike, which means less time spent in fat burning zone. 

While I began to address this during reason #1, with that point I was talking about lower insulin spikes in relation to hunger. Obviously it’s going to be easier to follow a fasting plan when all you can think about is eating because you’re so freaking hungry.

With this point, I really want to emphasize the insulin resistance part of the equation. 

If you follow an intermittent fasting plan where you eat anything you want during your eating window and you see a lot of success quickly, you’re probably not insulin resistant. If you’re seeing the success you want and still getting the same health benefits of intermittent fasting with this way of eating, fast on! But if you’re trying this approach yet not seeing any results, you could be insulin resistant.

This means, even if you’re restricting your eating window to a small time each day, this still might not be enough time for your insulin spike to come down long enough to get back into fat burning mode. 

For some people, eating a slice of bread provides enough insulin to come in and deal with eating that slice of bread. Then their insulin comes back down and they’re able to go back to burning their stored body fat. 

But if you’re very insulin resistant, eating only 1 piece of bread can cause a big enough insulin spike that it’s like you just ate the entire loaf of bread. This spike will take a much longer time to come down. The entire time your insulin is high, you’re not burning stored body fat. 

So even if you’re only eating one or two slices of bread during your short eating window like it ain’t no thang – it could very well be a thang for you! Just because some people can get away with eating all the carbs during their eating window does not make this the right plan for you – especially if you’re insulin resistant. Even if you take a long break from eating like intermittent fasting requires, this might not be a long enough break to get back into fat burning mode if you’re insulin resistant.

But how do you even know if you’re insulin resistant? 

While your doctor can tell you if you fall into this range with some complicated blood tests, if you want to guess, check your waist measurement. If it’s above 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women, this has been linked to insulin resistance.

If you fall into the insulin resistant category, combining keto and intermittent fasting is a plan that can truly supercharge your results!

Let’s review 3 reasons you should combine keto and intermittent fasting to supercharge your weight loss results:

Reason #1 – Adding intermittent fasting to a keto plan can make adjusting to IF much easier because most people feel less hunger while following keto.

 Reason #2 – You’ll stress your body out much less when adding an intermittent fasting routine when you’re fat adapted after following a keto diet. Less stress means more fat burning.

Reason #3 – If you’re insulin resistant, you fasting window may not be enough time to bring your insulin spike down enough to see the results you want. Eating a keto diet combined with your intermittent fasting routine can change this.

If you want to learn even more amazing info about how a keto diet can improve your results, tune into this week’s episode of Chat the Fat where we interview KetoEndurance Coach Stephanie Holbrook. Stephanie took up sports because she wanted to lose weight…but unlike we hear in the mainstream, this approach only led to weight gain and poor health for Stephanie. 

Listen to episode 27 where Stephanie talks about how she turned her life around with keto and how she coaches others to do the same. You can find the episode at chatthefat.com/episode27.

I’ll see you next Wednesday where I’m going to start my 3 part series on the reasons you’re not finding keto success when everyone else seems to be dropping fat like it’s hot. If you say hello in the comments below, I promise not to start rapping like Snoop Dog or Pharell. 

If we connect on Instagram or Facebook…maybe you can talk me into a keto version of Drop it Like It’s Hot. 


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