Week 28 – Case Study – Why You Might Not Be Getting Results on Keto

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3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results on Keto – Part 1

Have you heard about all of the AMAZING benefits of following keto? All you have to do is slash your carbs, eat more healthy fats and BOOM! Instant weight loss and boundless energy.

At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. 

But while everyone else is gorging on fat bombs and doing cartwheels down the office hallway just to shake out their extra energy, you’re ready to crawl into your office cubby to take a nap. Before you take that midday nap, be sure to undo that top button on your pants so you can breathe. Even though everyone brags about butter making their pants fall off, you want to punch Butter Bob in the face because topping all of your low carb options with butter is only making your pants tighter. 

So what gives?

Watch part 1 of this 3 part video series to learn 3 common reasons that could be holding back your keto results and what you can do to feel at peace with Butter Bob and his important message to eat all the butter for better weight loss results. For some people, simply calculating macros, cutting carbs below 20 and loading up on healthy fats isn’t the answer – at least it’s not the answer right now. Learn the reasons why and what you can do to make keto the right plan for you to follow.

Reason #1 you might not be getting results on keto – Your body isn’t processing fat well.

If you come to a keto diet directly from a life filled with carbs, and that’s a lifestyle you’ve maintained for sometime, just because you make the decision to feed your body all of the healthy fats a ketogenic lifestyle requires, that doesn’t mean your body understands what to do with those healthy fats.

If you’re watching this video, I’m willing to bet you spent at least some time in the mainstream dieting world where you were told to count calories in order to lose weight. Guess which macro has the highest calories – oh, right – Fat…the macro that’s now meant to make up at least 75% of your diet. 

Following a low calorie plan means cutting back on the highest calorie macro so you can see “results.” Except now you’re here because cutting back on the fat we need to feel good and for better brain health didn’t quite work out the way you were told.

While you were cutting back on all of that “fattening fat” I’ll go out on a limb and guess you were replacing healthy fats with sugar laden processed carbs like convenient nutrition bars or diet shakes. Or maybe you skipped those trends, but you were still filling up with the government recommended healthy whole grains like whole wheat bread, pastas and other processed carbs. 

If you spent years in the low fat, low calorie world, this means your body stopped calling on the bile it needs to emulsify fats. Not incorporating a good amount of fat in your diet for months or even years can lead to thick and sticky bile. If your bile is thick and sticky, this means once you do start eating the high amount of fat required for a keto diet, you’re going to experience symptoms like nausea, loose stool, diarrhea, itchy skin, acne and more. 

Not only are these symptoms annoying, but if you’re bile isn’t flowing correctly, you’re not getting the nutrients from the fat for all of that energy you hear everyone raving about! Your bile is sludged up and eating a high fat diet is making you feel flat out bad. 

Oh…and if you can’t correctly process 75% of the nutrients you’re taking in, how successful do you think a high fat diet will be for you? Right…not very successful.

Basically you can’t just go years without eating healthy fats and then just expect your body to pick up where you left off years before you entered the calorie crazed dieting world like it’s not big deal. 

If your bile isn’t flowing the way it should be after years of low fat diets, your body will take a scene straight out of Pretty Woman. When you eat fat, your body will be all:

Hello, can I help you? And then you’ll say, “I ate a lot of fat yesterday. I need to eat more for my keto diet again today.” Then your body will reply in a snotty manner, “Oh.” Then you’ll reply, “I was told I need to eat a lot of fat to get into ketosis.” And your body will smugly let you know, “Big mistake. Big. Huge. I’m going to send you screaming to the bathroom now with urgent diarrhea now.”

Or something like that. 

The gist of what I’m attempting to say here is you can’t go years without eating fat and then just expect your body to remember how to break down fat appropriately…especially when you sludged up your bile flow with all of those carbs you were told was the healthy option to eat. 

If you’re not experiencing results on keto, but you are experiencing those symptoms of poor bile flow I mentioned earlier like nausea, loose stool, diarrhea, acne or itchy skin when you begin a keto diet, there are at least 2 steps you need to take to see better progress on keto:

Step 1: You need to ramp up your fat intake more slowly to allow your bile the opportunity to start flowing more smoothly again

Step 2: You likely need to take steps to thin your bile flow to help you emulsify fats better. These steps include taking natural supplements like Beet Flow and Xeneplex. You can find out more about these through the digestion course and supplement descriptions I have at eatingfatisthenewskinny.com/fixme. Click on the top button to start the 50 cent digestion course and scroll down the page to learn more about each supplement’s purpose.  

While eating plenty of healthy fats is important for you to find success on keto, if you’re body isn’t emulsifying the fats you do eat properly then finding long term success on keto will be impossible for you. 

I attempted low carb diets for years, but they never stuck since my bile flow was thick and sticky. Although I never understood it was thick and sticky because no one ever taught me to look for this. Here I am saving you a whole lot of unsuccessful attempts at keto by teaching you how to improve bile flow on keto.

On this week’s episode of Chat the Fat, we’re diving into bile flow and other digestion and body chemistry issues that can block your keto results with a case study of one of our Keto Decoded members Elizabeth. We spend an entire 2 part episode deep diving into all of the chemistry and digestion issues that have hampered Elizabeth’s weight loss efforts for years.

She even let us know that while finding a low carb, high fat diet was an important step in her health journey, it didn’t yield the results she was hoping for. After listening to episode 28 of Chat the Fat, you’ll understand why only following a keto diet wasn’t the be all, end all for her…and more reasons why following keto isn’t getting the results you were expecting as well. 

Speaking of more reasons you’re not getting results on keto, I’ll be back next week to talk about reason #2 you might not be getting the results you expected on keto. While some people only see this reason as a moderate component to your keto diet, it can be a big keto roadblock – in more ways than one.

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