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Video 29 Transcript:

Have you been on the edge of your seat waiting for me to come back to talk about the next 2 reasons you aren’t seeing results on keto?

If the reason I’m talking about today is your keto roadblock, you’re probably sitting on the edge of your toilet seat. First of all, if you’re watching this video while straining on the toilet, um, that’s kind of gross, so maybe don’t tell anyone about that. 

If you fall into the category of people who ever since you started keto, you can’t freaking poop, today’s video is all wrapped in a toilet paper bow and is my keto gift to you! Sure, gifts wrapped up in toilet paper bows aren’t super fancy, but I have a feeling you’ll finally need more toilet paper once you watch this video. All slow poopers rejoice!

Constipation is a HUGE keto roadblock in more ways than one! If hearing the word keto roadblock makes you grab your blocked up tummy in terror, you NEED to watch this video until the end. But even if you poop regularly like all of the cool kids, but you still get frequent heartburn, reflux, bloating, you burp after meals or you see undigested food in your stools…this video is a must watch! And for those with depression or anxiety that goes further than being sad about watching this video while straining on the toilet…that’s all covered on today’s video as well.

Since we’re all different people with different body chemistries and digestive capabilities, our bodies all respond differently to keto. Some of us have that boundless energy and instant weight loss I talked about in video 1 of this 3 part series. Some of us run screaming to the bathroom with urgent diarrhea, as mentioned in video 1. Some of us get extremely nauseous and dive face first into a sleeve of crackers at the first sign of nausea – which again, we talked about in video 1. 

Basically, if you haven’t watched video 1 of this 3 part series yet, you’re going about this all wrong! There are 3 big reasons you might not be getting the same big results as your friends who are finding smashing success on keto. Today I’m going to talk about the 2nd reason…but if you haven’t taken time to learn about reason #1 yet…be sure to watch part 1 as well.  

Now let’s get to Reason #2 your keto results may be stalled. If you’re sticking to a moderate level of protein, as is suggested on keto, but you spent so long in the world of carb heavy diets that were meant to be our “miracle weight loss cures” that you body stopped producing enough stomach acid to break down even a moderate level of protein, this could be causing a huge weight loss stall…plus a lot of unnecessary pain.

Even though keto is a diet where only moderate protein is required, it can still be way more protein than you were eating on mainstream diets like Weight Watchers. Remember – and you will remember mostly because I’ll never stop mentioning this…but on Weight Watchers, you and Oprah get to eat bread! Bread!

Me and Oprah, we go way back. And we have so many things in common. We both set up shop in Chicago for many years and then escaped as soon as we could to get out of the tundra that is fall, winter and spring. We both LOVE helping women find unbelievable success in their lives and we both struggled with yo-yoing weight for the majority of our lives. 

But there are a few huge differences between me and Oprah as well.  

The first glaring difference is Oprah is a kabajillionaire with a massive following of loyal fans. I’m a mere YouTuber with a couple hundred followers.

The 2nd big difference is Oprah struggled with yo-yo diets way longer than I did because I came across keto and gave up the bread. She promotes a diet where, while you can still eat bread, women have to slash calories to the amount my 3 year old eats each day. AKA, a diet that’s completely unsustainable long term.

When you’re busy slashing all of those calories, you’re busy slashing the protein that sustains your muscles, bones, cartilage, skin…and um, basically your entire being. 

Foods like Lean Cuisines with tiny bits of processed chicken was about the only protein I ever got while following diets like Weight Watchers since I was taught to focus on points, which is another version of calories in versus calories out, instead of focusing on the whole, real foods that you should eat on keto. This began the process of screwing up my stomach acid for decades to come. 

Your body requires proper stomach acid to break down the protein you eat into usable nutrients. By eating the carb heavy diet that’s promoted in the mainstream for weight loss, my body slowed its production of stomach acid because it didn’t really need as much to break down the mega processed Lean Cuisines with tiny dabs of protein.

To add insult to injury, when I did eat a heavier meal, like a steak, my body no longer produced enough stomach acid to break that steak down. So when I attempted to eat real food, I’d get all of the signs of not having enough stomach acid, including major heartburn. 

Except the mainstream also teaches if you have heartburn then you’re not producing enough stomach acid….so you better clear out the little stomach acid you do produce with acid reducers like Tums, or other prescription strength antacids. And so I did.

I made sure my body really no longer had the required stomach acid to break down food into usable nutrients – so it didn’t know what else to do with the food I ate. Do you know what your body does with food it can’t break down and doesn’t know what else to do with?

It stores it as body fat. You’ll also start getting all of the other signs of poor protein digestion like constipation, anxiety, depression, bloating, burping and more. Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it. 

Your body requires stomach acid to break down protein, but if you’ve spent years following all of the “health” advice taught by the mainstream, you need to reverse the damage by supplementing with more acid until your body catches on and starts making more of its own stomach acid.

If you’re experiencing symptoms I mentioned throughout this video like heartburn, bloating, burps, even small ones, finding undigested food in your stool, or constipation, you have low stomach acid. Don’t feel too bad that you fell for the mainstream’s health shennanigans…so did 90% of our population since upwards of 90% of our population also has low stomach acid.

If you’re experiencing the painful symptoms of low stomach acid, that can also lead to a big fat keto weight loss stall, you’ll need to supplement with more acid – like downing a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with meals. 

If you did a lot of damage to your stomach acid with years of prescription strength acid reducers and decades of high carb diets, like yours truly, adding in HCL, which is short for hydrochloric acid, until your body starts producing more stomach acid on it’s own is the trick that will help you get back on the right path to digesting the nutrients you eat. This means a real food keto diet can finally work for you!

Pretty much no matter which diet you choose, your body needs to have the ability to break down protein to avoid weight gain and disease. Even with a diet that’s only moderate in protein, you still need enough stomach acid for that moderate protein. 

Learning about digestion is a little trickier than just adding up the amount of calories you eat each day…but I can assure you, the long term results you’ll see is so worth the 50 cents you spend and the time you’ll spend learning. Once you take the time to learn how your body really functions, it actually makes weight loss…and just plain feeling good…unbelievably easy. The clients I’ve worked with that take the time to learn about themselves not only see quicker weight loss results – but they see weight loss results that LAST. 

If you’re sick of hopping from diet to diet year after year, take time to learn about how your body works with the 50 cent digestion course. I can’t add everything found in this amazing 4 week course to my 10 minute video, so if you want to get off the diet roller coaster, you’re going to have to take 30 seconds of your life to click over and start learning. You can find that course at eatingfatisthenewskinny.com/fixme

Also, be sure to tune into episode 29 of Chat the Fat, where we interview the Keto Savage himself, Robert Sikes. He talks about how years of following a typical body building protocol wasn’t right for him and how he sees amazing results following a keto plan. Hey…we even touch on digestion during the episode…because digestion really is the root of sustained weight loss and improved health.

Go to chathefat.com/episode29 to listen.

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I’ll see you next week with part 3 of this 3 part series about why you’re not getting the results you want on keto!


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