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Click on the videos below! If you’re new to the challenge, check out some of the videos from the last keto challenge or review if you’ve challenged before. Stay tuned for even more videos throughout this challenge. They will be posted to the Facebook group and to this page.

How to Weigh In for the $500 Prize!


September 2019 Challenge Videos

Live Video 9-10: In this video, we talk about some early challenge wins. We also go over when to stop eating on your keto plan.

Live Video 9-11: Let’s talk about who should fear fat

Live Video 9-13: Keto Box Unboxing. Learn which products are OK to include in your keto plan…and which you should avoid for best results

Live Video 9-15: All of the Keto Challenger wins this week & how to use their wins to find success on your keto plan! Plus, why collagen is important.

Live Video 9-15 Part 2: Finish learning about all of the benefits of adding collagen to your plan.

Live Video 9-17:

Let’s talk week 1 results – they’re BIG! Let’s also talk about the wins from the week and how you can apply these wins to your plan for better results. You’ll also get a scale pep talk…because we all need one of those. Finally, let’s get into more about “keto friendly foods” you may want to avoid at the beginning of your keto plan.

Live Video 9-19:  Learn how to track macros on keto with a macro app

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