Keto Starter Kit

Let’s Get this Keto Party Started!

Below are the docs you need to start the Keto Challenge off right!

Getting Started Checklist

Check out this list to check off your keto to do’s each week during the challenge.

Keto Challenge Success ManualĀ 

If you’re new to keto, or even a seasoned keto pro, be sure to read the Keto Challenge Success Manual to understand exactly why keto works!

Keto Measurement Sheet

It’s important to take your starting measurements the day before or morning of Monday Jan 13th!

Keto Challenge 21 Day Goals

Don’t use your weight & measurements as your only goals during the challenge. Use this worksheet to help you figure out what else you’d like to accomplish.

You can also type your goals into this Google Form and send back for accountability.

Keto Swaps & Substitutes

If there are ingredients you’re sensitive to … or maybe you just don’t like them, check out this guide for appropriate swaps.

Post Challenge – Transitioning Out of Keto

If at any point during the challenge you determine a ketogenic lifestyle isn’t for you, follow this guide to help you easily transition back to your preferred lifestyle.