Mix & Match Meal Planning Tools

Welcome Keto Challengers! 


On this page, you’ll find links to help plan your meals during the 21 Day Challenge. The premise is even if you don’t want to calculate macros each day, you can mix & match these meals and still see amazing results!

Pick your favorite meals and use the Meal Plan Calculator to put meals together for the day. You can even plan up to a week ahead of time!

To use this spreadsheet, click File -> Make A Copy and save it to your desktop. This will allow you to make changes to the sheet.

If you chose to have macros personalized , you can adjust the meals as necessary to fit your personalized macros. Ask in the group if you need help with this.

Mix & Match Meals

This spreadsheet is filled with meals & tips to help you choose keto friendly meals during the challenge. You’re not limited to these selections … but if you’re unsure how to put keto meals together, these are great options!

Mix & Match Full Recipe Book

These are the recipes & serving sizes that match the meal suggestions in the Mix & Match meal plan.

If you prefer to have your recipes broken down by meal, click any of these mini-books. It’s the same info, just smaller books to make finding your recipe easier.

Mix & Match Breakfasts

Mix & Match Lunches

Mix & Match Dinners

Mix & Match Fat Bombs

Mix & Match Snacks


*Disclaimer – this info and all challenge materials sent is only for Keto Challenge purposes. Do not share any of this information. Thank you!