People Online

My Story

Read even more about my health gain story in the People Online article. (Sure I lost some weight…but regaining my health is the true star of this story!)

Scroll down to check out some more behind the scenes photos from our 3 day photo shoot in Miami. Click on any of the pictures to view the complete article.

All of the amazing women in the issue. (L-R: Merial, me, Lauren, Brianna and Rachel)

All of the wonderful people we were blessed to work with on the photo shoot. The photographers, the videographers, makeup & hair, the writer….ALL SUCH AMAZING PEOPLE!

Getting all prettied up for day two of the photo shoot.

The swimsuits, ready and waiting for our big day. That’s mine…the second one in line. Can you believe it is a sample size small??? Yeah, me neither!

Stolen bathroom selfie after day one. I’m not sure if this is considered contraband.

Beautiful makeup still there after a full day of shooting.

More contraband. Stolen bathroom selfie before day two’s big shoot! The picture even looks dark & mysterious.

People Online screen grab. Never did I ever think I would share a screen with Richard Simmons. (One diet I’ll admit I never tried)